Expansion of a long established bespoke kitchen manufacturer required relocation to larger production premises. As part of the move, Fercell were engaged to recommend a suitable local exhaust ventilation system, for the various production processes.

Through consultation, each production activity was assessed, with any process creating fumes or dust, requiring ventilation to comply with HSE laws and ultimately to ensure their workforce would be protected.

Fercell recommended a comprehensive suite of LEV systems to encompass both dust and spray extraction, as well as a programme of monitoring.

Subsequent meetings and designs, resulted in twin UF-Series dust extractors, a DB-Series spray booth and numerous LEV indicators.

Ducting and LEV indicators

Dust extraction for woodworking machinery

Twin UF3 dust extractors, inside the production area, are connected to all of their woodworking machinery by a centralised system of steel duct work.

The UF-Series offer the perfect solution for high loading dust applications. They are designed to work with a range of fan sizes, in order to match the process materials, air speeds, and filtration velocity.

With a considerable collection capacity and a compact footprint, made the UF-Series ideal for this application.

Waste material is collected directly into, either, steel bins or collection sacks, located beneath the filter plenum. Easy release and lock rapid over centre toggle system, ensures minimum downtime.

The close-coupled MV-Series fan, used, is designed to withstand harsh industrial applications for the transportation of heavy dust laden air.  The MV-Series are constructed from heavy-gauge steel plate, with fans transporting particulate materials, including dust, shavings and wood chips.

Spray extraction for product finishing

One of the product finishing services carried out onsite was wet spray painting.  With exposure to paint fumes without adequate ventilation a hazard to health.

The DB-Series was selected to increase paint spraying extraction capacity. Available in a variety of dimensions, Fercell were able to configure the spray booth to match the clients’ exact requirements.

Paint, overspray, particles are drawn into the booth and filtered through a pleated paper filter, while the fumes are exhausted to atmosphere via a duct system, with an accelerator cap discharging above roof height.

DB3 spray extraction booth

LEV indication – keeping measure

LEV indicators were fitted to every extraction port on the woodworking machinery, providing a visual indicator of the system performance.

Whilst LEV testing must be carried out at least every 14 months, regular checks via the indicators will allow our customer to ensure the system is performing to its required levels and detect any service issues that arise to be dealt with efficiently.

Following the installation, LEV testing and commissioning was completed. The LEV system will allow our customer to carry out a variety of manufacturing processes, whilst ensuring best working practices are followed and any exposure to airborne contaminants is reduced to meet the required standards.

Fercell have been successfully delivering industrial ventilation and recycling solutions for over four decades. With no customer the same, Fercell provide bespoke solutions to meet your project requirements. From design, through to installation and servicing of LEV and recycling equipment, we provide complete solutions.

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