Daltons Wadkin offers, arguably, the most diverse range of sawing technology in the UK and Ireland. We hear from managing director Alex Dalton who offers his insight on leading Dutch panel saw brand, Elcon, which forms part of Daltons Wadkin’s impressive range of saws and resaws.

For over 120 years the family run business has specialised in supplying industrial woodworking machinery for processing solid wood, wood-based panels and composite material, always with a focus on quality and service. Band resaws, sliding table panel saws, dimension saws, vertical panel saws, circular saws and beam saws from Europe’s leading manufacturers can all be found in the extensive Daltons Wadkin machinery portfolio.

Elcon QUADRA – a vertical beam saw

Our complete offering of all types of panel saws gives us a unique perspective in the market. Most importantly, our customers can be sure of receiving unbiased advise when it comes to the best sawing solution for their needs. Each sawing method has its own advantages and disadvantages and we are always keen to discuss these in detail. In this article we focus on vertical panel saws (also known as wall saws).”

Perhaps the most interesting and innovative sawing methods but often misunderstood, wrongly categorised as ‘agricultural’ or ‘inaccurate’. This could not be further from the truth. Elcon vertical panel saws provide space saving panel sizing solutions that cater for all types, sizes and thicknesses of panels. With a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm/mm, electronic digital scales, programmable setting and automatic cutting cycle, Elcon vertical panel saws can be tailored to suit the most exacting production requirements.

Elcon 215 DSX-LIMPIO panel saw

One of the key advantages of an Elcon vertical panel saw, is the optional ADVANCE handling system. Traditionally with wall saws panels are processed from the top down. First strips are cut horizontally, removed from the machine and stacked. Once the required number of strips have been cut they are loaded back on the machine for vertically cross-cutting to the finished component size. The disadvantage with this method is that the operator must use their trailing hand or wedges to support the strip during the horizontal cut to stop it falling back onto the blade. This is not such a problem with smaller sheet sizes, but when working with large panels the weight and height can be awkward for the operator to handle.

Elcon’s ADVANCE system turns the cutting process on its head. Once the machine is loaded, two (or more) clamps descend and grab the panel(s) from above taking the full weight allowing the operator to work the material from the bottom up. Strip cuts sit on the base of the machine needing no additional support. Each strip can then be immediately cross-cut while the rest of the board remains in the clamps eliminating the need for wedges and repeat panel handling.

Sawing head on the Elcon DS

Need more? For ultimate productivity the Elcon QUADRA model takes ADVANCE clamping to the next level with the addition of a CNC controlled pusher system. Think of the QUADRA as a vertical beam saw. The CNC pusher positions each cut strip for cross-cutting. The whole process is automated requiring the operator to only start each process with a single button press. Multiple cutting lists can be programmed directly at the machine or remotely from an office PC. In conjunction with optional optimising software components can be effectively nested prior to generating the cutting lists for maximum material yield.

Elcon models feature a robust panel stop

Another important feature of Elcon saws is the patented and award-winning LIMPIO dust capture system. Greatly reducing dust emissions by simultaneously extracting waste from both the front and rear of the panel, the LIMPIO system keeps the saw blade running in an almost completely enclosed area reducing dust emission values to less than 0.5mg/m3 – particularly advantageous when cutting large volumes of fibrous or cementitious material, minimising airborne waste entering the operating area.

CNC pusher for panel positioning on the Elcon QUADRA

Safety is a constant theme from Elcon. Vertical panel saws are generally considered one of the safest panel sizing methods available when used by trained operators. Elcon goes further still and includes a series of electronic safety systems that monitor the machine saw beam position and head tilt orientation – the machine will not start if it is not correctly set up with the beam locked/unlocked and head positioned correctly for horizontal or vertical cutting.

Precise, ergonomic controls on the Elcon DSX sawing head

Daltons Wadkin are the sole distributor for Elcon vertical panel saws in the UK and Ireland. The extensive Nottingham showroom gives customers the opportunity for live demonstrations, and the chance to directly compare Elcon vertical panel saws against more traditional sliding table panel saws from Altendorf and SCM.

For more information, or to arrange a visit, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201 or email info@daltonswadkin.com.