Kenyon’s are the Henkel Premium Partners for furniture and building component adhesives. These markets are supplied under the industry leading brand names Technomelt and Aquence, which are recognised for quality and proven performance – just ask anyone using Henkel. Kenyon Group’s Steve Morrow offers his insight.

Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives – no warning labels, it’s time to change

Industry-wide changes to using PUR adhesives are just around the corner. The legislation according to REACH regarding the handling of diisocyanates will change on 24th August 2023.

Henkel ME PUR adhesives contain less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate, which therefore reduces the hazardous isocyanate-containing vapours by up to 90%

Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives have no hazardous labels and do not require a specific professional training for operators which will be required when the legislation changes for standard PUR adhesives.

Technomelt (ME) PUR adhesives offer easy and safe handling in production. Nobody likes warning labels and the fact that we can now eliminate this has huge benefits.

Mindful of health and safety, companies are now asking, what options are available with the PUR adhesives that would allow them to improve their operating procedures whilst at the same time reducing risk. The solution is simple – Henkel Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives.  These adhesives offer the same performance benefits that come with PUR technologies, low coat weight, tight joints, invisible glue lines, exceptional high performance combined with excellent heat and water resistance but without the hazardous labelling, making it more environmentally friendly and safer for operators to handle.

We have your application glued and the environmental impact reduced! So why not improve your microclimate at the same time as improving your production by changing to Technomelt Micro Emission (ME) PUR adhesives.

Edgebanding bridging the gap between EVA and PUR

It’s universally accepted that EVA-based adhesives are the easiest of all to use and process. EVA-based adhesives are still as popular as ever and Henkel offer a full range from filled to unfilled to suit every application. However, EVA’s come with disadvantages if the end product is likely to be subjected to steam, heat or moisture.

An alternative to EVA is PUR adhesives, which dominate the edgebanding market. Over the years PUR adhesives have been more accessible to customers who are edging and as technologies advance, PUR adhesives’ outstanding performance has become available to all edging customers delivering the finished goods to the highest standards. If joints need exceptional water or heat resistance, then PUR adhesives are recommended as they have a significantly superior performance versus an EVA adhesive.

On the flip side, PUR adhesives need more attention during processing, such as flushing the systems and cleaning

Henkel Technomelt KS 922 Polyolefin based hot melt adhesive bridges the gap between EVA and PUR, by offering higher heat resistance and higher performance than an EVA with similar pricing levels.

Technomelt KS 922 offers benefits of ultra-thin glue lines for superior edge aesthetics on all board types and colours and is a clean running adhesive with no stringing which leads to less down time for maintenance and cleaning. This in turn leads to increased production. Technomelt KS 922 can reduce your glue usage by up to 20% as polyolefin-based adhesives have increased performance and therefore the coat weight per linear metre can be reduced. This can lead to cost savings.

Edgebanding Holz-Her cartridges

As new products come onto the market, one adhesive range has remained unchanged, standing the test of time and for good reasons. Offering both EVA (filled and unfilled), PUR and PUR Micro Emission technologies, Henkel’s Technomelt DORUS HKP range of hot melt adhesive cartridges provides exceptional gluing performance and an easy-to-use option for Holz-Her edge banders.

With more and more companies choosing PURHM adhesives for the many performance benefits they provide, Technomelt DORUS HKP27 PUR has quickly become a key choice for Holz-Her edge banders, making it the go-to adhesive for kitchen, door, cubicle and bathroom furniture manufacture, allowing a high degree of moisture and heat resistance to be achieved. Technomelt Dorus HKP27 PUR also provides many additional benefits such as cold flexibility resistance, high initial strength and very tight joints, which can achieve invisible glue lines.

Further advancements in adhesive technology has seen the launch of Technomelt Dorus HKP 29 Micro Emission PUR adhesive, Be kinder to the environment with Micro Emission adhesive, the future for our customers and the planet.

Where high moisture or heat resistance is not required, for example bedroom furniture, EVA adhesives are the ideal choice for companies.  The Technomelt Dorus HKP range has an exceptional offering with Technomelt Dorus HKP20 and Technomelt Dorus HKP25 – between these two all the bases are covered, helping achieve the production line finishes that are expected in today’s competitive markets.

Edgebanding with proven PUR adhesives

There’s edgebanding adhesives, and then there is Henkel edgebanding adhesives – it’s really that simple!

Henkel offer an exceptional range of PUR adhesives supplied in Cartridges, Granules, 2Kg blocks, 20Kg drums and 170Kg drums for all known edgebanding machines and applications, and they are also available in ME (Micro Emissions).

The tried and tested market-leading Technomelt 270-7 has a proven winning bacKground and probably the most versatile grade on the market offering exceptional high performance.

However, it’s not just the adhesive that makes Henkel PUR adhesives the market leader, it’s the technical and onsite support offered by both Henkel and Kenyon’s that separates us from the rest of the field. We don’t just sell adhesives; we live them and this includes supporting you!

Filled or unfilled, that is the question …

Are you using an EVA adhesive on your edgebander? Are you happy with the bond and finish you’re getting? So how do you know if you are you using the right EVA adhesive?

Technomelt KS 220/1 and Technomelt KS 611 are both filled EVA edgebanding hot melt adhesives, which are easy to apply and offer exceptional performance with a very high final bond strength.

Being filled EVA’s they offer the advantage of preventing stringing, whilst at the same time offering higher viscosity, which can be beneficial when applying to porous substrates such as chipboard.

In the unfilled hot melt adhesive category there is Technomelt Dorus KS 351. This can be applied at lower coat-weights, thereby minimising the glue line and achieving tighter joints, whilst offering high glue mileage and high final bond strength.

Henkel offer a collection of EVA adhesives which range from filled to unfilled, and everything else in between, to suit every application, supplying many of the well-known UK and European furniture manufacturers.

Kenyon’s have been supplying adhesives since 1979 covering all aspects of manufacturing and assembly predominately in the furniture manufacturing and related markets. Our expertise and knowledge has been gained over the years by offering a comprehensive range of market leading adhesives technologies, UK stock holding and delivery when the customer needs it.

For further details, call Steve on 07960 047020 or email