Fercell is a leading supplier of industrial ventilation and recycling systems. With over 40 years’ experience, thousands of its solutions are in use every day in the woodworking industry.

Continuously looking to improve and expand its product range, Fercell presents the COIMA MPT-Series.

Step into the future of dust extraction with the WhisperFlow+ technology – “the ultimate solution for a quieter, cleaner workspace”. Combining a compact modular design with whisper-quiet operation and inbuilt dust collection storage, this innovative series of dust extraction filter units sets new standards for efficiency and convenience.

Modular versatility

The MPT-Series is designed to adapt to customers’ unique needs. Its modular system allows you to configure and expand the unit effortlessly, catering to the demands of a company’s evolving projects, and seamlessly integrating and delivering unparalleled performance wherever it’s needed.

Featuring a negative pressure filter, it’s designed to run in constant operation.

Space-saving design

The MPT’s sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance, while its space-saving design maximises workspace without sacrificing performance.

Its sleek and streamlined structure seamlessly integrates all proprietary parts into a single tower, freeing up valuable room. Customers’ facilities can be kept organised and clutter-free, while they enjoy the benefits of optimum dust extraction.

Silent precision

Experience the power of quiet efficiency with WhisperFlow+ technology. Equipped with innovative noise reduction engineering, it operates at a very low sound output, eliminating noise pollution.


The MPT-Series puts you in control with its user-friendly interface, where the system performance can be quickly viewed, and settings can be easily adjusted.

The fan speed is automatically adjusted based upon system load, ramping up and down as and when machine tools come on and offline. Fan duty is seamlessly and automatically adjusted to minimise energy consumption, noise and maximise filter life.

Powerful dust extraction

Don’t let its compact design fool you – the MPT-Series packs a punch when it comes to dust extraction. Equipped with powerful centrifugal fans, it’s designed for the transport of clean air at high pressures.

Each fan is equipped with a highly efficient self-cleaning backward bladed impeller and aerodynamically designed inlet.

The impellers are both statically and dynamically balanced to ensure very stable and vibration free performance.

Optimised filtration

Its advanced filtration system effectively captures both fine dust particles and larger chip. Removing airborne contaminants, it helps to establish a healthier, cleaner atmosphere.

The filter service lift is extended due to the inlet design, utilising the downflow principle to pre-treat contaminated air, promoting heavier particles to fall into the collection facility while the finest particles are directed to the filter elements.

ATEX equipped

The MPT is fitted with approved explosion membranes, positioned to vent explosion pressure to a safe area, according to EN 14491.

It has been designed and constructed in harmony with EN 1127-1, both UKCA and CE marked to have an internal, dirty, zone 21 and zone 22, for the clean air side.

Inbuilt dust collection storage

The MPT features convenient inbuilt dust collection storage capacity, alleviating issues around secondary waste collection arrangements such as skips and trailers.

The storage facility eliminates the hassle of frequent emptying. This means you can work for longer periods without interruption, boosting productivity and saving valuable time.

Flexible discharge

Each MPT module uses a left-sprung scraper bottom with material discharge to a maximum of three discharge points, providing options for various downstream material handling (trailer loading or biomass silo loading).

Effortless setup and maintenance

Setting up the MPT-Series is a breeze. With user-friendly instructions, it can be up and running in no time. Maintenance is equally straightforward, with accessible filters and quick-release couplings, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Elevate production

Embrace the quiet revolution of dust extraction with the MPT-series and WhisperFlow+ technology. With the perfect blend of modularity, quiet operation, and inbuilt collection capacity, the MPT-Series is designed to elevate customers’ production to new heights of performance.

For further information, contact Fercell on 01622 791414 or email info@fercell.com