Time travel is the motto under which Renolit Trendservice Colour Road presents the colours and trend-themes for 2013-14.The fantasy spectrum ranges from medieval symbolism through the vivid colour of country living to the abstract fascination of the modern metropolis. Visitors travel over the landscapes in a balloon, taking from each era the colours, forms and materials that suit the present.

Mystical grey

Mystic Inspirations symbolises the Middle Ages and interprets the imagery of past cultures within a new context. Warm neutrals and beige tones correspond with intriguing relief textures such as cool ceramic and rough stone surfaces with black and white to provide contrast.

One of our new basic colours is the muted beige tone Flax. Metallic pigments incorporated into the material lend an elegant note to the brownish tone, which combines beautifully with the light beige Ceramic and the neutral grey Stone.

Strong accents

Picturesque landscapes. Far removed from super-cool technocracy, ‘Romantic Reflections’ awaken emotions. Robust, natural materials and tones of red and yellow represent our ever-present love of the country life.

The intense yellow, Gorse, is one of the new design colours established at the Milan furniture fair. Together with the equally vibrant Poppy, Gorse is an accent colour in kitchens and living spaces as well as for shops and buildings. The orange tone Rose Hip completes the palette of colour-intensive tones and is particularly suited to office interiors.

Creating living spaces

Future Creations focuses on modern urban architecture and combines futuristic technology with socially- and environmentally-compatible features. A broad-based palette of blue and grey tones predominates. Greens are warm and muted, blues range from deep, dark blue through grey-blue to light aqua tones.

The Renolit colours aqua, wave blue, lagoon and fern, which the company has have introduced, already ensure that this colour world is well set on the path from trend to mainstream.