Following the success of its Bardolino Oak decor, which features a highly-realistic saw-cut design, Egger has created additional lighter and darker versions with its H1145 ST10 Natural Bardolino Oak and H1158 ST10 Truffle Brown Bardolino Oak.

“The authentic appearance of the Bardolino Oak range epitomises what can now be achieved with our wood reproductions,” says Egger’s Elliott Fairlie. “With its complementary ST10 surface texture, these striking decors provide a high value, exclusive appearance in keeping with the rough-cut trend that was very evident at the recent Interzum show in Cologne.”

“Untreated wood, that looks as though it has just been taken off the saw, is currently in great demand. A combination of knots, pronounced planking and saw cuts give all three versions of Bardolino Oak a worn, authentic look that can be perfectly combined with a wide range of neutral solid colours”

With this in mind, Egger has also introduced U702 ST9 Cashmere – a neutral solid colour that continues the KBB sector’s move away from cream to grey. This highly versatile shade works well in combination with other neutral solids, on its own – to create a sophisticated and contemporary feel – or with authentic woodgrains such as the new Bardolino Oaks.

“The importance of neutral solid colours continues to increase – with natural and muted tones, ideal for combining with natural woodgrains, proving popular.  Not only is the proportion of these solid colours in furniture design increasing, but they are often becoming the starting point in design decisions,” adds Elliott.

A surprise introduction is the new H1752 ST10 Sand Provencial Elm design.  Although known as more of a simple, plain and elegant wood, it demonstrates that even elm can follow the current demand for authentic woodgrains. 
With natural features and the depth of the decor pattern, it gives the viewer the impression of an untreated wood surface and gains the perfect feel with the ST10 authentic texture.

The variation in the grain also allows subtle contrasts with colours such as the U702 ST9 Cashmere as well as white.  With its pearlescent elements, these features come together to create a highly elegant yet natural finish.

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