Decor highlights from its Interzum showing will also be put on display in up-to-the-minute trend colours, along with designs of decors offering a striking look in symbiosis with textural effects. Contemporary solid hues from Schattdecor’s second Unique Colours collection will be setting harmonious accents, while the new ideas from the Digital Visions collection are sure to galvanise customers from the timber products and laminates industry.

Also from Schattdecor’s will be a presentation of the product diversity and innovative prowess of its subsidiary in Rosate, Italy.

Over the past weeks and months, the trend and decor themes that Schattdecor unveiled at this year’s Interzum in Cologne have met with positive feedabck at showings around the world. Sales manager Franco Lozza and his team will therefore be presenting Marrakesh Walnut as a decor that particularly embodies the new Poetry theme. 

Marrakesh Walnut
Based on American walnut, this decor offers growth lines marked by striking movement and includes such features as elongated flame figures, small knots and the dark pores typical of the timber.

Schattdecor’s new Smartfoil CP+ collection made its successful debut at the 2013 Interzum – reason enough for the foil specialists from Thansau and Rosate to exhibit Laramie Pine, one of the five CP+ decors, in a new and up-to-the-minute colourway.

Laramie Pine
This decor is characterised by a very rustic appearance and a 3D look. Conspicuous saw marks and rich figuring lend it a lively touch.

One of the main decor highlights at the Interzum 2013 was Sibiu Larch. It will accordingly be interesting to see what impression it makes in Pordenone as a decor in line with the trend towards coniferous woods with a synchronous melamine surface.

Sibiu Larch
Alternating sections of densely-packed and wide-spaced grain and the realistic look of wire-brushed wood are striking features of this decor. Rustic knots and flame figures make it very lively in impression.

The bespoke decor Sanremo Oak met with an enthusiastic reception among the Interzum trade audience. Schattdecor’s foil specialists will thus be making this decor the focal point of the SICAM showing, presenting it with a Postfoil 3D finish to underscore the Rosate plant’s expertise in this foil finish produced with the recreational vehicle and caravan market in mind.

The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf proved to be very successful for Schattdecor, as practically all the new camper vans and mobile homes on show incorporated its best-selling decors.

Sanremo Oak
This highly realistic-looking decor comes with a striking 3D look, and also offers fine cracks, subtle crossfires, ray flecks and flames as well as straight-grain areas. Its semi-rustic effect is also in line with current tastes.

The second edition of the Unique Colours collection features solid colours to complement Schattdecor’s up-to-the-minute woodgrain, stone and fantasy decors. With a sure feel for the perfect colour, Design Manager Claudia Küchen and her creative team will be using such unique solid hues as Petrol Blue, Mint and Coral to set harmonious accents at the company’s SICAM booth.

But what would a showing in Pordenone be without the flair of new Italian decors?

Schattdecor is sure to cut a bella figura at the event this year with such Italian designs as the good-looking Bernina Ash, the elegant Marrakesh Walnut and the stylish Moscato.

Noce Moscato
This decor takes its inspiration from European walnut material chracterised by expansive figuring, small knots and a varied pore pattern.

Bernina Ash
The pronounced 3D effect of close-grained growth lines mainly determines this decor with its large cathedrals and side-cut crotch figures.

At Sicam, the Schattdecor Italia team – under its managing director Dieter Hüttlinger – will also be showcasing the Rosate plant’s widened portfolio of printed and surface-finished decors.

The subsidiary, which originally mainly concentrated on decor printing, has been expanding its finish foil and melamine expertise over recent years, and today is equipped with not only decor printing presses but also three impregnation lines for the production of postfoil and melamine foil.

Both the domestic scene and export markets in the Mediterranean region value the quality of its work and its service expertise. Despite the difficult overall situation, the Rosate team thus sees the future in an optimistic light, and is already looking forward to taking its fourth impregnation line – the first such to be produced by Rotodecor – into operation next summer.