David Clouting has launched four new stock Decofoil items featuring F3, the latest texture design development from LG Hausys. It is being introduced in four solid colours, which leads the way forward for inspiring furniture design in the UK.

David Clouting says F3 is special, in that the design structure of a sublime oak is paramount within the texture, creating the a highly impressive painted wood effect in Decofoil.

The four colours featuring F3 are: WAR51-F3 – Porcelain White, YEM18-F3 – Alabaster, YEM16-F3 – Mussel and NCAB4-F3 – Cashmere.

The four colours are already used widely within the furniture industry, and this enables the F3 colours to be introduced with minimal additional stock requirements in MFC and MDF.  Whilst the Porcelain White is specifically an Egger MFC – Alabaster, Mussel and Cashmere are widely available from the leading MFC producers.

David Clouting maintains that from a technical standpoint, LG Hausys has done an outstanding job in developing the F3 texture, which can be manufactured in both membrane pressing-, wrapping-and lamination-grade.  This provides the opportunity for five-piece doors to be used along side the vinyl-wrapped doors within furniture ranges.

Whilst F3 is being added to the Decofoil stock range, the lamination- and wrapping-grade can be purchased in manageable make-to-order quantities.

Clients may have more colour requirements for F3 and David Clouting can facilitate this with the flexibility that LG Hausys’ manufacturing capability provides. The David Clouting sales and marketing team can provide further information. A4 and pressing samples are available for product development, with stock available to purchase.