Egger UK has unveiled  23 new decors and six completely new textures adding to its influential Zoom laminate and melamine board range ...

The latest update of decors includes synchronised pore surfaces – where grain and texture are aligned – and authentic and striking wood reproductions, as well as soft-matt finishes and an industrial-style ceramic look.

Nick McClughin, Egger UK’s head of marketing, explains: “The new additions to Zoom do far more than complement the existing collection – they are truly evolutionary. When we presented our new wood developments to experienced design professionals as part of our NPD process they had difficulty telling them apart from a solid wood and veneer.

“This reaffirmed our belief that we have created a suite of products that not only look and feel like the real thing, but offer important performance benefits that are so important across the lifespan of the installation.”

Synchronised pore and character
Egger’s new synchronised pore surfaces, on both sides of the board, tie the decor and the surface texture together to create a look and feel incredibly close to solid wood and veneer. They have the added advantages of colour consistency over the lifetime of the furniture, as well as being hard wearing and low maintenance. All three new synchronised pore textures in the Zoom 2014 update have a unique character and have been developed to offer a different tonality and feel, from subtle and elegant to more rustic.

The Feelwood Elegance ST27 texture exudes a modern and sophisticated feel whilst demonstrating the beauty and subtleness of nature. The fine and linear – yet natural – texture is synchronised with the grain of a chestnut reproduction called Tortona to create a highly realistic finish, ideal for creating a high-value, elegant look.

The Feelwood Nature ST28 texture, on the other hand, steps closer to nature. Knots and planking create a natural feel and produce a realistic appearance. The matt texture, which is paired with the grain of Gladstone Oak, emphasises the sand-blasted character of this decor.
The Feelwood Ambiance ST29 texture has a striking yet elegant appearance. With its large grain pattern, it is ideal for large applications to create a tasteful, sophisticated feel. Soft recesses trace the grain to create a tactile effect, and the matt-gloss finish helps provide an air of grandeur.

Expressive textures
Four further surfaces have been developed, which open up four quite different design routes.
The Painted Wood ST26 texture builds a bridge between natural and contemporary design. The surface is based on pine with an opaque coating, and is ideally suited to neutral uni-colours such as a mid-grey or white. The interplay of liner and pronounced sections gives the surface a very natural look.

The Brushed Wood ST36 texture has an irregular and deep texture, combined with a matt appearance similar to the deeply-brushed solid wood furniture that is gaining popularity. Six new decors using this texture have been developed, which can be used to create an incredibly natural, authentic and premium finish.

The Ceramic ST87 texture explores a new direction combining concrete and ceramic. The texture can create a contemporary, used look with a striking and industrial feel. A new material genre has been created by combining the rusty, aged look with the ceramic texture. The matt-gloss effects simulate the surface and feel of a ceramic plate, helping to create visual depth.

The Perfect Matt ST9 texture creates a modern, yet calming atmosphere. The tactile matt finish has a low reflection and is well suited to warm, trendy uni-colours. The surface is soft, warm and pleasant to the touch.
For designers, the Zoom Collection not only means product quality, decor expertise and the reassurance of in-depth national availability – it means a comprehensive service package. 

New visualisation tool
Egger has developed a new way of being able to visualise how colours will look as part of a room. Using high definition scans, designers can quickly create colour combinations in room settings ranging from shops, hotels and restaurants to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Already available for PCs, Egger has developed a free new app for tablets and phones – it can be accessed by simply typing VDS App into a device and downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play.