Innovation in design is always at the forefront of Decorative Panels’ minds with continual development in the latest surface textures and finishes. Decorative Panels Group design director, Julian Tatham, reports on the company’s exciting developments which are ready to sample into the market.

“Working closely with our printing partners we have developed a wide range of 3D designs featuring the latest in textured surface development. The surface creates a premium look, with superb print quality, but best of all, it makes you want to reach out and touch it to achieve the full sensory experience. It is so authentic that this collection of designs not only looks like, but now also feels like the real thing – natural wood products.

“The range consists of nine designs offering a broad spectrum of tonal shades and surface textures, modern and on-trend designs suitable for a wide range of markets:

“White woodgrain is a clean bright design, the surface texture creates intrinsic interest and adds character to the simplest of decors; Katthult is a furniture decor that epitomises the current trend for Scandinavian design – bright, light and full of life with an abundant use of colour that can be appreciated to the full when viewed alongside natural tones.

“With gentle planking, an open and structured pore and small cut flowers which together create a remarkable overall appearance for our next design, Redgate. Redgate has a strong structure that is curiously calm and soft; Iconic Beech brings new life to this recently overlooked design – full of life with a natural fine balance and of course superbly tactile. Nash Oak is a very different and special design, nothing like to ones we know. Correspondingly lively and natural, it has a mellow, warm and homely used look.

“Strong in expression with a distinctive structure, Nelson has a grey-whitish pore and a gold-bronze hue to the overtone, allowing infinite toning with trend colours; Bobs Pine brings the look of driftwood to the market, textured and sculptured by the elements, roughly honed using basic tools with masses of character; Maxim Rich is a real eye catcher. A mixture of elegant graining enhanced by the darker lines gives this design real substance and presence reinforced by its power when used side by side with a single colour. Maxim Dark completes the full spectrum of colours and surface textures. The 3D range that we now have available to sample opens opportunities in design like never before.”

Julian goes on to expand on the latest uni-colour offering that DPL has ready to launch.
“All woodgrains are now developed to be used with uni-colours, they must contrast, compliment, co-ordinate and create a harmonious combination. The use of uni-colours is evolving and is becoming enormously important within furniture and interior design.

“To this end we are continuously looking to update our range of unicolours. The latest products ready to launch from DPL are, Ruby Red, Electric Blue, Petrol Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Lime Wash, Shaded White, Virginia Grey, Moon Grey and Praline – colours that compliment and work well with our stock unicolours such as Sand Beige, Dakar, Mussel, Cashmere and Alabaster plus of course many of the designs in our dp-décor and dp-specialist ranges.”

Finally, Julian talks about a ground-breaking development in acrylic surfaces. "We have for many years sought to develop an alternative to traditional glass mirrors and now believe we have succeeded. This acrylic surface is bonded to MDF in exactly the same way as we process all other designs in our dp-specialist portfolio.

“An easy solution to the developing trend for mirrored plinths in kitchens and mirrored fronts in bedrooms, an added advantage is that this material won’t crack or shatter so is ideal for situations where safety is a priority. Why not take a look?

“Book a visit to our brand new marketing suite where these and many more innovative products are on permanent display – I am sure you will be amazed at what we have to offer. Keep looking out for the latest development, new designs are coming out all the time.”

Samples are available from the company.