This is real wood, isn’t it? Decorative timber products are now being designed to be even more realistic – especially so with the new Ostermann ABS edgings in wood end-grain decor.

Nowadays, chip boards or fibre boards are almost indistinguishable from real wood both visually and haptically. Real or not? This is actually only revealed by the end of the board… or a look at the front side of the board. But even that is over now in selected oak decors.

The unique fragrance of real wood cannot be made with the five new ABS edgings in wood end-grain decor but the real optic of a natural wood surface can. There is a colour-matching edging on the long side of the board and an edging in wood end-grain decor on the short side ... and the optic of the chip board is barely indistinguishable from real wood any more.

Five different oak decors
Ostermann supplies ABS wood end-grain edgings to the most popular oak decors Cape Elm, Orleans Oak, Bardolino Oak, Lancaster Oak and Hacienda white. The edgings are available in dimensions of 23 x 1mm and 45 x 1mm and will be delivered by Ostermann with its usual and efficitent delivery service from a length of just one meter.

A visit to the Ostermann online-shop is worthwile. Here it is possible to look at the five new edgings as detailed in the picture and to select the matching decor edgings for the long sides. In addition, online order qualify for a 2% discount.

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