It’s just happened again … Pfleiderer, Egger and FunderMax have almost simultaneously launched new collections onto the market. At one fell swoop more than 400 new board colours and décors have arrived. Edgings expert Ostermann has pored over the new collections, and lost no time in readying the edgings to match. 

Thankfully, Ostermann has more than 20,000 pallet spaces of edgings at its fingertips warehoused in Bocholt in Germany which represents Europe’s largest furniture edgings range. At the same time, it’s full speed ahead with the work on the expansion of the logistics centre, which will see the number of storage bays doubled. And not before time – because the variety of edgings is continuously growing – not only in relation to colours and décors, but the different grades of gloss and surface properties too. 

Board manufacturers offering new worlds of colour 

All said, board manufacturers are constantly offering wider and wider ranges to the trade. With the three aforementioned collections, some 400 new colours and décors are arriving on the market at one fell swoop. To make it easier for their customers to choose, the board manufacturers are introducing their new collections by way of “worlds of colour” (Pfleiderer), “grids” (Egger) and “décor cards” (FunderMax). Ostermann has carefully examined the new collections, and lost no time in readying the edgings to match.

Ostermann predicts stone, textile and rust décors to be the trends edgings in 2017

What are the current edging trends? 

Based on the observations of Ostermann’s trend experts, the new collections are dominated by realistic-looking material reproductions, such as textile surfaces, various stone finishes, as well as rust and concrete looks. And the number of edgings to go with these designs is correspondingly large. In the uniform area, the largest range features grey, blue and green tones. Oak continues to dominate in the wood reproduction area, frequently also featuring light or grey shading. 

Inspired by Stamp printing

The décor of the new Stamp edging was inspired by the ancient technique of stamp printing. The result is a monochromatic and vibrant edging surface with a metallic shine that changes according to light patterns.

Ostermann is now delivering the new collection of edgings in black and white from a length of 1m. Stamp is an English word, meaning postage stamp or stamp print. 

Stamp is available in black and white and in the sizes 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 2mm

And the décor of the new Ostermann edging collection is also inspired by the traditional stamping technique. Here, uneven rectangles, intricately stamped and seeming to overlap, with minimal variation of colours and pearly shades, lie next to, and above, each another. 

The result is a graphic surface which changes its appearance according to light patterns. 

Texwood edgings

Textile or wooden décor? Why not both? The new Texwood edgings combine the charm of natural wooden décor with the vibrant elegance of trendy textiles. 

They match the namesake décors of the latest Pfleiderer collection perfectly and are available in five attractive colours.

Texwood combines the charm of natural wooden décor with the vibrant elegance of trend-setting textiles.  

The combination of a natural wooden look and textile pattern gives the ABS edgings in the Texwood series an eye-catching effect. De-emphasising both natural materials results in a warm and, at the same time, modest décor.

New edgings – usual variety

The trendsetting edgings come in brown, black, white, mauve and grey and match the namesake décors of the latest Pfleiderer collection. In addition to the standard dimensions at thicknesses of 1 and 2mm, the edgings of the Texwood series, like all ABS edgings from Ostermann, are also available in any desired width up to 100mm. 

Ordered, packed and delivered

The new Ostermann edgings match the namesake décors of the latest Pfleiderer collection and are delivered in standard sizes of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 2mm.

As usual with Ostermann, the edgings are available from a length of 1m, the stock items are sent that same day and delivery then takes place within 24 hours.

Ostermann’s experts are happy to help

The quickest way to find edgings to match the new trend colours and décors is to use the quick search tool in Ostermann’s Online Shop. If customers are still unable to find some of the 400 new décors in Ostermann’s online shop, it’s best to call the company’s edgings specialists.