Klaus Monhoff, head of design and décor management at the Egger Group, forecasts a shift in furniture design trends following the pandemic.

As a VIP guest on the latest Egger Interactive Q&A, Klaus was interviewed by Elliott Fairlie, head of decor management at Egger UK, to provide an insight into the current conditions of the European furniture industry. 

Klaus explains how consumer demand will change current design trends, how retailers will need to adapt and develop in new market conditions and how the Egger Decorative Collection 2020 can support them during this transition.

Key takeaways from the Q&A included:

  • During a crisis people look for innovation and new options, but in normal situations people are too busy! Companies need to look forward and invest in innovation so they stand out
  • In the next six months, consumers will start to settle into the new normality. While their consumption levels have been low during the pandemic, we expect to see an increase in demand as consumers refresh their living spaces and adapt to new guidelines
  • Like the 2008/09 economic crisis, we are seeing a shift in design trends as priorities change. We expect Covid-19 to influence design trends for a number of years and be a reference point for change
  • One of the many benefits of the Egger Decorative Collection 2020 is that it is a worldwide collection. The range of décors is so extensive that it can cater for a shift in trends, as demands differ in different regions 
  • Before the crisis, Egger Light Urban and Black Options trend worlds were predicted as important design influencers. While they are still important, they are no longer a priority 
  • Design preferences are now focused towards Egger’s Pure Nature and Perfect Imperfection trend worlds. They have a natural look and feel that leans towards the cocooning style of living
  • Brown tones are now much more important in our market. Warm woodgrains and unicolours, used in combination with black accessories, will create a natural, yet contemporary look
  • Digital solutions have evolved during the pandemic, providing excellent alternatives for customer discussion. By embracing these new communication methods and holding online meetings, business travel will be much reduced, contributing to a positive reduction in carbon emissions and slowing down climate change 

To listen to the full Egger interactive episode, visit https://bit.ly/3gDWgk0