Ostermann has the matching edgings for the new Swiss Krono One World Collection 2020. The Ostermann experts are particularly proud of the Craft Oak Anthracite, Craft Oak Vanilla and Craft Oak Brown edgings


The new Swiss Krono “One World Collection 2020” has arrived. It includes 223 different plain finishes, wood and designer surfaces, categorised into 4 different styles. Ostermann provides the matching edgings for the new collection. 

Among a total of 223 surface finishes in the new “One World Collection 2020”, you will find seven new plain colours, 22 new wood décors as well as 18 new designer décors. The uni décors have a velvety-matt look, while the new wood décors were made to look particularly realistic. Here you will find many oak décors, but also a striking number of new ash and lime finishes. Fantasy décors stand out with a combination of wood and metallic or graphic elements. There are further some new metal and stone reproductions. In order to support furniture makers and their customers in selecting and combining surface finishes, the products were categorised into 4 different design trends. 

Trend 1: Warm Craft

The tactile sensation and natural depiction of the surface are paramount to the “Warm Craft” trend. Ostermann ABS edgings such as the natural walnut reproduction “Walnut Gold”, the metallic edging “Metalwood Black” or the velvet-matt plain edging “Pistachio Green” match according surfaces and help you to implement this trend. 

Trend 2: Urban Agility

The “Urban Agility” trend is defined by Swiss Krono as a spatial merger of working and living areas. This merger is reflected in the surfaces with a combination of rustic wood décors and modern concrete or stone reproductions. Rustic elements are worked in nicely in the Ostermann edgings “Rustic Chestnut White” or “Elm Grey”. Concrete and stone décors can be found for example on the new edgings “Gobi Terra” or “Anthracite Concrete Stone finish”. 

Trend 3: Cozy Bohemian

The third design trend identified by Swiss Krono is named “Cozy Bohemian”. It stands for sensuality and comfort and puts oriental patterns onto classic oak décors. Here, the experts in edging are particularly proud of their matching edgings, having managed to reproduce the subtle superimposition of wood decor and oriental pattern on the edging as well. The result is the “Craft Oak” edging, which is available in three different wood shades. 

Trend 4: Healthy Nordic

Nordic style enthusiasts will find their finishes under the trend name “Healthy Nordic”. Natural lime and oak décors are combined with metallic-looking titanium reproductions, among others. You will find matching, bright wood decor edgings under names such as “Lime Cream” or “Lime White”. To combine bright wood surfaces with metallic elements, the Ostermann experts recommend the edging “Stainless steel bronze smooth”. 

Edgings - Just In Time 

Whether plain pastel shades, realistic wood décors or designer décors - at Ostermann, you will quickly find the right edgings for the new surfaces, in any width up to 100 mm. Upon request, the edgings are available with a retrofitted T-bar, hotmelt adhesive coating or a zero bondline functional layer. Stocked goods ordered by 4.00 p.m. will leave the warehouse that same day. Besides edgings for Swiss Krono, Ostermann provides you with matching edgings for the surfaces of more than 70 different board suppliers all over Europe. 

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item “highlights072020” into the search field of the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu