Restrained grey and a bright sunny yellow – these are, according to the Pantone Color Institute™, the trend colours of the year 2021. As a duo, they are meant to represent a message of fortitude and hope. The combination does not miss its effect on furniture. Those looking for the matching edgings will find them at Ostermann. 

According to Pantone, the spirited and emboldening colours 17-5104 Ultimate Grey and 13-0647 Illuminating meet our quest for vitality. The combination of classic grey and a bright, cheerful yellow expresses a “message of positivity supported by fortitude”, says the company. Unlike in the past four years, not one but two harmoniously coordinated colours were chosen. 

The classic uni colours find their equivalent in the Ostermann ABS edgings 041.2656. Platinum Grey dark and 041.3192. Zeste de Citron. Find all information on these edgings by typing in the search item “#Highlights03” on the Ostermann website

Sunny yellow and calm grey: simply a perfect match! 

Yellow and Grey – a perfect match 

As you can see from the application picture, the two uni colours are a perfect combination for furniture. The subtle grey fronts bring out the glow of the yellow surfaces. The yellow carcass and the open shelf in the middle give the piece a cheerful, modern appeal. 

ABS Edging 041.3192. Zeste de Citron 

In colour theory, the colour yellow is said to have a stimulating, cheerful and invigorating effect. In painting, the brightest of all primary colours often stands for light and the sun. According to colour psychologists, it promotes concentration and communication. 

These are three good reasons to boldly design some new furniture and interiors in yellow. The extensive Ostermann range provides you with more than 50 different yellow edgings for this kind of project. 

All those who want to apply exactly the trend shade from Pantone should choose the Ostermann ABS edging 041.3192. Zeste de Citron. It is available in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100mm and in thicknesses of 1 or 2mm. Upon request, Ostermann also cuts a 100 mm edging to any other required width. 

ABS Edging 041.2656. Platinum Grey 

Grey is boring and dreary? Far from it! The colour grey is timeless and classic. Ton-sur-ton colour schemes in furniture give warmth and elegance to a room. 

According to Pantone, Ultimate Grey is “emblematic of solid and dependable elements which are everlasting and provide a firm foundation”. The perfect counterpart to Ultimate Grey is the ABS edging 041.2656. Platinum Grey. 

It is available in the dimensions 23, 33, 43 and 100mm, and in thicknesses of 1 and 2mm. If you prefer an alternative shade, visit the Ostermann online shop to find more than 360 different ABS edgings within the grey colour range. 

Edging service by Ostermann

Ostermann provides the woodworking industry with all the latest trend edgings. In addition, you will find the matching edgings to the surfaces of more than 70 different board suppliers. All ABS edgings are supplied in small purchasing quantities from just 1m. Refinements, such as hotmelt coating, zero bondline functional layers or retrofitted T-bars, are obtainable upon request. Stocked goods ordered by 4pm will leave the warehouse that same day. 

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