The pandemic has changed UK homeowners’ priorities when it comes to what we want from our homes. With more time being spent indoors and working from home, many people are now looking to add or maximise space in their house. Projects such as building an extension, adding bespoke storage or knocking down walls to create an open plan, multi-functional space are amongst the top activities planned.

With home renovations set to ramp up in 2021, it is a good time for home interior and furniture manufacturers to look at expanding or upgrading their wood processing production capacities to meet this upward trend. 

Many interior and home furniture producers around the world rely on Homag’s high-tech wood processing machinery and software solutions. All its machines are designed to shorten production times and reduce production costs, whilst increasing the overall finish quality of products. 

Centateq N-500

With a global market share of over 30% and over 50 years of manufacturing experience, the company’s range of equipment is deployed in the production of kitchens, bedroom, bathroom and home office furniture. It’s also used to produce parquet and laminate flooring, windows, doors, staircases and even complete prefabricated timber-frame buildings. 

Homag’s wood processing solutions are accessible to all manufacturers, from small entry level workshops to large industrial production facilities. Every customer has the peace of mind of knowing that Homag’s support services and back up are unrivalled in the industry.

Software designed to cut costs and speed up production

Routing, drilling and sawing can be programmed quickly and easily using Homag’s acclaimed woodWOP CNC programming software. Famous for its intuitive operation, it is used across the range of Homag machines.  

For individual pieces of furniture and entire room designs, Homag’s woodCAD CAM software can save up to 70% in work preparation time. The software provides a 3D design of furniture and rooms. MagiCut is Homag’s production optimising software that transforms panel cutting to achieve the best yield from boards, reducing wastage whilst saving time and money. Being a modular system, users can easily upgrade as required.  

Storeteq S-200

Automated storage systems: increase productivity, workflow and reduce costs

Homag’s automated storage systems help optimise material flow, monitor stock levels, and can be combined with either a beam saw or nesting CNC.  The benefits delivered include not only increased production capacity and flexibility, but also reduced staff costs, faster order processing and improved efficiencies all round.

Efficient compact and industrial beam saw solutions

The Sawteq range extends from the compact entry level Sawteq B-130 to large industrial solutions, such as the Sawteq B-320 flexTec. This innovative hybrid combines both the technology and processing options of a panel saw with robot panel handling for highly efficient batch size 1 production.

Innovative edge processing solutions

As a pioneer in edge banding technology, Homag’s comprehensive choice of edge banders in its Edgeteq range deliver first-class edge processing solutions for a wide array of processes and materials.

Its single-sided and double-sided edge banding machines are designed to process a wide variety of materials with absolute precision and flexible production. The edge banding solutions incorporate zero-joint airTec, PUR and EVA gluing technologies, which provide water resistance and are, therefore, ideal for kitchen and bathroom manufacturers.

To meet the demand in the ever-increasing material options available, Homag’s edge banders are highly flexible. Changing between tape thicknesses, widths and diameter of radii can all be done at the touch of a button, whilst glue application systems enable quick change and easy cleaning. 

For further efficiencies, the company’s edge bander automatic return systems are designed to optimise workflow, increase production times and reduce the manual handling of parts. 

Super-efficient CNC drilling and machining centres 

Homag offers a range of vertical CNC drilling machines including the compact Drillteq V-200. This compact model is ideal for processing cabinets whilst the larger Drillteq H-600 provides automatic handling of workpieces for more efficient production.

The company’s CNC machining centres and nesting routers offer cutting-edge technology in three, four, or five-axis options for manufacturers of all sizes. Homag’s Centateq N-500 nesting CNC is ideal for the creation of carcass furniture, the dividing and refining of furniture fronts and the construction of frame furniture. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as part of a through feed concept (i.e. with lifting table, roller conveyor, barcode label printer etc.).

First class carcass clamping solutions 

When it comes to manufacturing pre-assembled furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or home offices, cleanly pressed cabinets are one of the key signs of quality. Investing in a first class carcass clamp is, therefore, essential and Homag’s Cabteq S-250 cabinet clamp delivers the high level of accuracy required. The S-250 consistently applies even pressure to the cabinet, resulting in joints that are always tight and square.

Paqteq C-250: Reliable, cost effective on demand packaging

For maximum product protection in transit, Homag’s Paqteq C-250 creates customised, on demand packaging. Producing made-to-measure packaging on demand has several advantages including using less cardboard, minimising materials storage space and providing better protection for the product. All in all, it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

This is just a taste of Homag’s vast range of highly efficient, cost-cutting wood processing solutions. Homag UK has a wide selection of stock machines available for quick delivery and is happy to provide its Homag Finance packages to overcome any cash flow issues that may be restricting growth.  

For a demonstration or more information on Homag’s machinery or software, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.