With 70 years’ experience in taking kitchens to the next level, Blum is all about moving ideas. Its precision engineered fittings enable kitchen users of all ages and abilities to be creative with their design and plan the perfect space to suit their needs and lifestyle.

With lift systems, pull-outs and doors, interior fixtures and fittings, full-extension drawers, wider opening hinges and all the motion technologies needed, kitchens instantly become more ergonomic, more flowing and more accessible. With this in mind, Blum has developed its SPACE STEP and Pull-out shelf lock, designed to take kitchen and other home storage to the next level.


Blum’s SPACE STEP is designed to literally elevate home storage, especially in kitchens. This handy hidden helper creates instant storage space behind plinths and toe kicks with the added benefit of providing quick and easy access to tall floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets. As well as allowing users to access those otherwise out-of-reach areas higher up, it also provides easy-access storage while giving children a helping hand to reach worksurfaces and sinks.

With SPACE STEP, designers now have free rein to use every inch of space in compact homes as well as larger open-plan living areas. Thanks to the integrated opening angle stop for AVENTOS HK top (as shown above), lift systems can be installed right up to the ceiling. SPACE STEP enables easy access to higher levels.

SPACE STEP opens swiftly and easily and can be fitted with the Blum SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system for even greater ease. The step closes equally effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION and when open, securely locks in place with an anti-slip system.

Pull-out shelf lock

Another innovation from Blum designed for safe and easy access to everyday items is the Pull-out shelf lock.

A discreet, space-saving mechanism that securely holds an open pull-out shelf in place, Blum has developed a practical lock-open stop for its MOVENTO and TANDEM pull-out shelves. Now there’s no need to worry about wobbles or shelves sliding back in, even if small appliances and gadgets are placed on top.

Useful in all rooms in the home, this extra shelf is invaluable for temporary use. Naturally it opens and closes with top quality motion and uses a simple lock mechanism, which can be operated with one hand thanks to the synchronisation shaft.

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Blum’s Pull-out Shelf Lock