Above: Nomad Moodboard – Brand new décors for the Nomad, a free-spirited, favouring texture and pattern drawn from nature


Interior design trends, this year, are set to be vast and varied. This could not have been more perfectly captured in Kronospan’s long awaited 2023 global collection launch, cleverly presenting their brand-new decors in four relatable moods.

Lauren Barker, Marketing Manager, explains: “The way designers want to decorate has recently shifted with clients no longer looking for that one particular décor trend, but, in fact, seeking that distinct combination that they can relate to. Kronospan has taken this notion and flawlessly delivered their new collection in four identifiable moods; The Nomad, The Adaptable, The Passionate and The Optimist. Each story reveals a new personality type with distinctive tastes. The question is, which one is you? ...

​​​​​​​Passionate Moodboard – Collection of new décors for the Passionate who desires opulence and style

Passionate Roomset – Passionate décors used in a design oozing in confidence

“Born travellers, the honest and authentic Nomad picks up on influences as they go. Their homes bear witness to this, featuring objects made from unusual hand-woven cloth or sculptural driftwood pieces that tell a story of their lives on the move. Weathered timbers and natural fabric textures end up in a total mash up of styles and colours that somehow meld together in the most natural combinations.

“However, if you are someone who likes to make a statement, then the Passionate offers a selection of rich and opulent decors for a striking design. Impressively realistic woodgrains mixed with intense colours and powerful stone and metal finishes, these tones are for the stylish who are confident enough to speak loud about their lifestyle, attitudes and tastes.

Colour – A palette of on-trend colours with a hint of natural world

“Jumping to the other end of the spectrum is the Optimist, the world’s early adopter, who looks forward to change and is very is comfortable being at the front of a trend. They are at home with delicately reflective metallics, alongside coral inspired colours and elegant woodgrains resulting in a playful open-minded space.

“Finally, cheerfully taking the path to least resistance and embracing every challenge is the Adaptable, the innovator that looks to create seamless multi-functional spaces, with a hazy ambience to ensure flexibility. Muted warm tones, natural materials like wood, textile and stone help balance their spaces to work, play and relax.”

Harmony Arvadonna Chestnut – Brand new Harmony (HU) texture, the realistic synchronised embossed texture

Kronospan has gone to great lengths to capture the defining nuances of the materials in this collection. In some cases, they had to source and buy commercial artwork, whole trees and salvage materials to start with. After the cutting and treatment process, an industrial size scanner provides life size photographs that, when printed, effectively become the designs.

Dean Carroll, Procurement Manager, says: “It was mesmerising to see the lengths Kronospan went to in the design process and one of many things that we are captivated by with this collection are the surface textures. Four new designs have been developed, that are very ‘matt’ infused, which is in high demand. Most importantly, they have two very sophisticated synchronised designs where the woodgrain texture exactly matches the knots and cracks of the woodgrain décor. This is called the Harmony (HU) texture and one to look out for.”

Skin Sample Box – Get your free Emporio Skin sample display box with edged samples from Lawcris today

Alongside this, Lawcris have also been successfully chosen to represent Emporio Skin and exclusively distribute the highly popular Italian collection in the UK. Emporio Skin is created by Kronospan Italia and is based on the beauty reflected in natural textures of wood, stone and linen. It is a premium, high quality range that the UK market has never seen before and works perfectly alongside the new launch of Kronospan’s Global Collection.​​​​​​​

Dean Carroll continues: “We have kept the Emporio Skin range compact for now, selecting just twelve décors initially that we know customers will want. A portable high-end display box with edged samples in is available to anyone who is interested and we have even got edged door size samples of the full collection for any customer who may want to put it on display in their showroom.”

Kronospan’s brand-new Global Collection and exclusive Emporio Skin range are in stock at Lawcris, ready for next day delivery. Cisit the Lawcris website or call a member of the Lawcris team to get your samples, swatches, display boxes and door size samples.