Seven eye-catching matt decors with depth effect


REHAU’s latest surface collection has impressed the jury of the most prestigious design award: the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection has received the German Design Award 2023. The glass laminate boasts a subtly shimmering metallic lustre that lends matt surfaces a unique depth effect.

Every year, the high-profile international jury presents the German Design Council’s German Design Award. This award has now gained an international reputation and is one of the most prestigious awards in the design industry. Its aim is to promote a design-focused economy across all sectors. Accordingly, products that are globally groundbreaking in this area are presented with awards in various categories.

RAUVOLET storage solution Deep version of crystal-line


German Design Award: Excellent Product Design winner

Of all the products entered in the Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces category, the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection was chosen as the winner. “Receiving this internationally recognised award is a special honour for our new collection and highlights the appeal of this popular glass laminate for our customers in terms of perfection, aesthetics and quality,” says Hans Peter Mehnert, Director Product Management Furniture Systems and Components.

The Deep Collection accentuates the smart glass laminate with a subtle, metallic lustre: a new era of exciting plain decors. Inspired by the play of sunlight on the ocean, the colour collection appears to bring furniture to life: depending on the light hitting the surface, the beauty of the deep gloss comes into its own, filling the room with a unique ambience.  Whether aiming for a strident contrast or discreet elegance in combination with other surfaces, the material blends harmoniously into the general scheme. The special combination of glass and metal creates unseen synergies and allows for endless design freedom. The timeless collection comprises seven eye-catching decors, from light colours to deep anthracite. These can be combined both with each other and with other REHAU collections, as well as with natural materials like wood or stone.

RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection’s exciting plain decors


Benefit of glass laminate: enabling exceptional design

Glass laminate boasts a number of advantages in processing and daily use, making it more versatile than almost any other material.

So it’s no wonder that RAUVISIO crystal is also known as ‘carpenter’s glass’: it combines the elegant look of genuine glass with the outstanding properties of glass laminate. The material can therefore be processed using conventional carpentry tools, so that designers have virtually no limits when creating interior designs, when working with the RAUVISIO crystal mirror, for example. Bending, inlaying and milling can produce particularly remarkable results. Milling the rear allows the mirror to be backlit, flooding the room with fascinating lighting effects.

German Design Award for the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection


REHAU’s material and design match concept also provides individual design options. Extending the Deep Collection surface collection to include the RAUVOLET crystal-line storage solution and colour-coordinated RAUKANTEX edgebands allows items of furniture to be cast in a single piece. Processors and designers therefore achieve the perfect design match from a single source, according to the claim of the Division Interior Solutions at REHAU: 'Enabling Exceptional Design'.