Decorative Panels Lamination has introduced brand-new Serica colour, Alby Blue, to its already extensive dp-specialist range. Bringing energy, freshness and a touch of crispness to the collection, this striking blue exudes a confident elegance. Particularly when used in combination with white, it contributes to a modern, fresh, and soothing interior.

Serica is a market-leading third generation super-matt PVC surface with all the latest technologies: silky touch, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, super-matt, thermal healing.

This super-matt PVC surface is extremely robust, and Serica is designed to cover all types of furnishings in homes, offices, and retail environments. It is an excellent choice for exhibition contractors and specialised projects.

The foil is laminated to both sides of the board, which is not currently available on many other super-matt boards in the market. The on-trend, contemporary colour palette incorporates solid colour right through to the core, so there are no unsightly joint lines.

Encompassing both anti-scratch and thermal healing technology, this super-matt, low-light reflectivity material is also anti-fingerprint and, in the case of micro-scratches, Serica can be easily repaired by simply using an iron or hair dryer to renovate the surface. Serica’s attractive and silky finish gives the surface a real wow effect both to the touch and to the eye.

Serica is an exceedingly popular super-matt PVC surface, and the new Alby Blue colour is in high demand this year. To diversify and enrich its Serica offer, dp-lamination has introduced five more Serica colours to its development collection: Caramel, Sage Green, Rusty Red, Monument Grey, and Deep Ocean.

These colours represent a shift from the traditional greys and beiges that have tended to dominate our living spaces. They can be used to create an atmosphere conducive to rest or work, stimulating action or bring calmness as needed. Lighter shades will optically enlarge the interior, while darker ones can create an extravagant effect.

Those wishing to enliven an interior and emphasise its unique character, or those requiring a relaxing and comfortable environment perfect after a long day of work, will achieve either of these goals with the striking selection of Serica colours.

Serica films are highly versatile surfaces for both commercial and residential environments and offer excellent options for design variety, performance, and durability. All the new colours complement each other and work well together with the existing Serica collection.

Compared to other similar materials, Serica sets new standards for the sector, with its giant leap forward in ultra matt technology. The Serica surface collection from dp-lamination is available in 28 solid colours that allow for creative combinations.

What is more, Serica has superior water, chemical and scratch resistance properties and is often chosen for demanding applications where these performance qualities are needed.

Innovation in design is always at the forefront of Decorative Panels minds with continual development in the latest surface textures and finishes. These latest colour additions to the Serica collection, which can be found in the dp-specialist range, reflect the latest trends in modern design.

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