The Spring/Summer collection, which contains seven striking new décors, delivers high-performance, realistic products that align perfectly with current trends.

New introductions are announced twice yearly in seasonal RENOLIT Trend Collections to bring the most sought-after designs and colours to the forefront. All products are available from stock and ready to order.


Paintflow is a unique and exciting new textured surface, developed to replicate the look and finish of painted wood. The surface structure combines a distinctive new woodgrain structure, finished with the aesthetically pleasing smooth matt surface finish of Premier Matt.

The distinct engraving of the woodgrain design is very visual. It was specifically created to replicate the look of paint as it flows into the depths of the rounded valleys, which results in a highly realistic and pleasing effect. Angora Grey, Cubanit Grey and Fir Green are three new Paintflow colours.

Angora Grey Paintflow (above) is a soft, muted beige grey with a realistic Paintflow surface finish. Angora Grey fits perfectly within the increasingly popular light, neutral colour palette, creating a calm natural environment. Cubanit Grey, (below) meanwhile, is a warm grey colour with mocha undertones.

These colours enhance the Paintflow surface texture, highlighting its distinct woodgrain engraving and superior matt finish, resulting in an overall aesthetic that is exquisite both visually and by touch.

Fir Green Paintflow (main pic - top) is a rich, dark colour. This opulent green with yellow undertones recalls the depths and essence of a Fir tree forest, making it ideal to create stylish drama in a striking interior setting. Tapping into the current trend towards green, the sophisticated tone of this version is likely to have real longevity in popularity.

Premier Matt solid colours

Marine Blue Premier Matt (above) is a deep ocean colour that signifies power and sophistication. While blue is at the peak of its popularity, this new colour developed to meet this trend will attract attention. It’s finished with Premier Matt surface, produced using an innovative Physical Surface Treatment (PST) to create a superior matt appearance.

Woodgrain décors

Evoke Oak Light Classic: The natural imperfections of wood are particularly emphasised in this décor and, through the combination with a light base colour, create a unique aesthetic that is an exciting contrast in any setting.

Polar Pine Urus Premier: The characteristic knots of pinewood give this décor a rustic charm, yet it radiates a timeless elegance thanks to the fine texture and the contrast of light and dark shades.

Noce Lucca Bleached Premier: With its matte-finish and grey-blue bleached wood optic, this décor showcases a refined aesthetic, providing interior spaces with a modern, natural look.

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