How is VWM doing at the moment?

As a company we are very busy, reflected in the fact that the whole of January is blocked out for installs of new machinery, and we are now booking into February. 

You recently updated the VWM facility, tell us what you changed, and how that works for you and your customers ...

We now have a full panel processing centre where we can demonstrate the manufacture of kitchen and bedroom carcase, along with a specialised sanding area for our Unitek sanders. This has added over 2400ft2 of extra showroom to the 2500ft2 square feet we already had.

Could you describe the response to your recent open house?

We did really well considering we only did two days. The morning of the first day we sold and took deposits for two Technos ECO CNC routers and on the second day we sold two Robland machines, along with three other classical machines. Being able to run and operate the machines really helped us show the full potential of our machinery. 

We had over 100 machines on display, but really showcasing our Omaksan CNC boring machines, our Technos ECO CNC routers, Salvamac Combo crosscuts Lange edge banders and Unitek sanders with a full range of Robland/Dominion/Casolin and Record power machines.

How would you describe the past two years from a structural and commercial point of view?

The past two years have seen us staidly grow once again, which has enabled us to make our product line even bigger and increase sales of our CNC routers, which are now firmly placed in the UK. 

“From the start series up to our HD series the build quality is second to none and that shows with average sales of 30 machines a year”

Could you outline your CNC offering?

What really sets us apart from our competitors is the range of CNC routers we have. From the start series up to our HD series the build quality is second to none and that shows with average sales of 30 machines a year. We also have a great team of engineers who have grown with CNC routers over the 20 years, so we have some really good experience from in-house, not contracted labour.

There’s also the fact that we hold stock of CNC machines, along with many others, so we can deliver quickly and can also demonstrate the machine’s capability to a customer in our showroom – that speaks volumes.

Describe your most attractive product line, providing a bullet-point price-perfomance argument as to why customers should give it close consideration when comparing the market

Our most attractive CNC product line is our Technos range and here is why:

  • Complete range from entry level to high speed production with auto loading and five-axis capability.
  • Fully serviced and supported by VWM with technicians with over 30 years experience on the machines.
  • Well over 120 installations throughout the UK.
  • Great stock of consumable spare parts.
  • Contract servicing on all our range.
  • Machines in a variety of industry from wood/plastic to nonferrous and plastics 

How is the current situation regarding sales outlook, stock levels, delivery times and so forth?

Our current outlook is really positive. As we have mentioned, we have six installs booked in January to kick off the year, with others in waiting, so we feel very good going forwards.  

What opportunities do you foresee in 2024?

Further growth in the CNC sector is expected. Our range is very affordable, with high specifications, so we’re finding that smaller companies with 10 and fewer employees are increasingly investing in them.