David Clouting will exhibit at W14 to launch its latest innovative designs, aiming to build on its highly successful performance at W12.

The exhibition is seen as the ideal opportunity to introduce its latest surface sheet materials and further build on the company’s reputation for cutting-edge design.

The main focus of its W14 stand will be an array of new Decofoil stock decors. The four new F3 colours are Porcelain White WAR51, Alabaster YEM18, Mussel YEM16 and Cashmere NCAB4.

All four endorse the latest trend for solid colours, recreating the painted wood effect to the company’s usual high standards. A further essential element is matching with existing product on the market to allow designers to maximise the impact in all areas.

David Clouting’s new Decofoil colours are therefore aligned with existing MFC product for Alabaster, Mussel and Cashmere, while its Porcelain White is a specific match for Egger MFC.

More good news for furniture manufacturers is that the F3 texture can be produced in both membrane pressing and wrapping and lamination grades, providing the option for five-piece doors to be used alongside vinyl-wrapped doors.

David Clouting customers have come to expect a wide range of services and so will not be surprised to hear there are more options available.

In addition to its Decofoil stock range, the company can also meet made-to-order demand for manageable quantities of its lamination and wrapping grade.

Further displaying the diversity available from the company’s association with LG Hausys, David Clouting will also display its excellent range of vinyl floor coverings. With wear and slip resistance qualities inherent throughout, these are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial and health care environments.

Yet more choice will be available with a display of LG Hausys Interior Film and, in addition, the company plans to exhibit additional new Decofoils which are currently under development.