Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer-based program for simulating or analysing the behaviour of engineering components under a variety of conditions such as stress, load cycling, fatigue, vibration and thermal effects.

Blue Diamond is an expert in this field and has produced a short video –  enter Blue Diamond Techologies on YouTube – to show how this advanced engineering tool can be used to aid design and to minimise the need for experimental testing.

FEA allows the user to predict and improve product performance and reliability, make physical prototyping more accurate, evaluate different designs and materials whilst also reducing material usage and cost.

The effects of wear can be assessed in a virtual environment as can the application of constraints such as pressure and temperature.  Tolerances in the component or assembly can be readily identified in order that any play or movement can be accommodated within the final design.

Check out the video on and see how Blue Diamond can use FEA to improve the design and performance of components.