James Latham, in collaboration with long-term sawmill partner HORIZON®, has introduced a pioneering new timber product to the UK and Ireland – quarter-sawn Tulipwood.

HORIZON® quarter-sawn Tulipwood is a game-changer for cabinet makers and joiners. The company is proud to assert that the product is "the only quarter-sawn Tulipwood currently for sale on the UK market" and is exclusively available from James Latham.

Stable, sustainable and superior quality

Tulipwood is a popular hardwood option for joiners and kitchen manufacturers because of its great value and workability, yet it can be liable to movement, resulting in waste during processing.

Changing the way the log is cut to quarter-sawn dramatically reduces the tension within the timber. The result? Straighter grain, greater stability, reduced movement, meaning increased yield, less waste, fewer snagging issues and better value.

It answers furniture-makers’ calls for a superior material that’s suitable for a range of interior joinery purposes, including kitchen doors and cabinetry.

It’s also a low-carbon material, responsibly sourced and sustainably manufactured using the latest production methods. These credentials are further reinforced when measured through James Latham’s Carbon Calculator, a tool that provides third-party verification for suppliers’ green claims. This gives customers the added assurance they’re selecting a high-quality product at every level.

Making life easier for customers

HORIZON® quarter-sawn Tulipwood is precision cut, resulting in an extremely clean and flat surface. Creamy white in appearance, with very little colour variation and mineral streak, it achieves a clean, consistent look in application.

James Latham also provides quarter sawn Tulipwood in different lengths, widths and thicknesses to meet a range of design requirements.

“This heralds a new chapter in Tulipwood, offering our customers a standalone product which directly responds to their calls for a reliable, stable, and eco-friendly product, suitable for cabinetry and kitchen manufacturing," says James White, Depot Director at James Latham. "Not only that, the launch of HORIZON® quarter-sawn Tulipwood exemplifies our ongoing commitment to working with supply chain partners to champion the latest timber innovations, which meet our audience’s evolving tastes and requirements.”

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