Masterwood will be exhibiting the latest machines and software on the Masterwood Deutschland stand at the Holz-Handwerk exhibition that runs from 21st to 24th March 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.

UK customers attending this popular show are invited to visit Masterwood on its stand in hall 9, stand 204.

On display will be the latest five axis Project CNC, the dedicated window production 4WIN machine along with a flatbed nesting CNC and the latest version of the Project TF CNC drilling machine with a dowel inserting option.

Last month, Masterwood announced a new partnership with a leading Chinese machine manufacturer, Guangzhou KDT Machinery Co Ltd.

lso displayed on the stand are the various Masterwood software packages, including Master 3D for three, four and five axis programming which can be used for components, full products, carvings, decorative panels and various other types of work.

Masterwood machines

During the last few years, Masterwood has been redesigning and developing its full range of CNC machines, this has allowed delivery times to be kept to a minimum – plus various kits that can be retro-fitted.

The current range is divided into various size flatbed nesting machines that can be supplied as three, four and five axis. These can also be with fully automated loading and unloading along with labelling.

The original pod and rail machines are now produced in three, four and five axis versions, cantilever or gantry versions, and with various bed lengths from 3000mm to 6200mm.

The famous Muti oscillating chisel mortising machines are still being supplied, from the basic vertical pull down version through to a fully PC controlled three head horizontal model which can also have loading and unloading systems.

Masterwood's panel machines are also supported by the Project TF range with CNC controlled drilling, with options for router, tool changing, dowel inserting, and auto load/unload.

To add to all this Masterwood have a range of dedicated machines for window production (4WIN), doors (Project Door and DoorLine), and the Teknomat (components)

A large part of the factory production is now taken up with specials that cover a wide range of products that our customers have wanted to manufacture. Much of this involves auto loading and unloading.

Whatever the requirements, Masterwood will look at solutions.

Masterwood software

To support the new machine range is the full range of software packages that has been so successful for Masterwood over the past 20 years, this includes Masterwood Stair, MasterWindow, MasterDoor, MasterWorks and MasterCabinet.

Added to this is Master 3D which can be used for designing and programming work for three, four and five axis machines. A very powerful package it can include full 3D visualisation and collision detection.

Further information about the machines and software can be found on the main website: and videos of the machines in action, and software demonstrations are at

Masterwood support

Due to the increasing number of customers using Masterwood CNC machines in the UK and Ireland we have gradually been increasing our support. This now includes up to 11 technicians covering the UK and Ireland for installations, training, servicing, repairs, and support.

Added into its system now are service contracts and extra online support not just from Italy, but also the UK. 

01293 402700