The UK market for wood panel products is dominated by the construction industry which uses different varieties for structural, aesthetic and fitting-out purposes. However, the second most important market for panel producers is furniture. One may, rightly, think that we are talking MDF, however, Norbord’s SterlingOSB Zero panel board is also proving a great success due to its inherent strength, durability and environmental characteristics.

Norbord is the world’s largest manufacturer of OSB and has recently invested £110m in a new plant in Inverness, Scotland, with a further £35m planned for the future.  

A new family of products is a development of the most popular OSB brand in the building and interior design arena and comprises SterlingOSB Zero 3, SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove, SterlingOSB Zero SiteCoat, SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions and SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix. 

OSB3 is the most commonly used in the furniture industry. It is a BBA-approved, precision-engineered board. It now contains zero added formaldehyde and is unique in the market by being the only ZAF OSB manufactured in the UK.

SterlingOSB Zero is even more environmentally-friendly to produce than previous portfolios. Like all Norbord OSB products, SterlingOSB Zero is made from forest thinnings taken from sustainably managed forests.  

All of Norbord’s production sites in Europe are able to produce wood-based materials that are certified according to the guidelines of the FSC or PEFC.

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