The name Lamello is synonymous with jointing technology. On its Interzum and Ligna stands were solutions for fixing panels swiftly and easily, fixing shelves inside cabinets, jointing solid wood, and a full range of hand-held machines made by Lamello in Switzerland. 

Lamello users can now avail themselves of fast drilling and insertion on a variety of CNC machines made by Lamello’s partners that have been fitted with special aggregates and suit the needs of small craftsmen right through to flat-pack producers. We took the opportunity at Ligna to talk to several:

Stefan Benkart, CNC product specialist, Holz-Her GmbH 

“We were keen to show visitors just how versatile our products could be when partnered with Lamello’s P-System. Our stand featured several P-System-ready machines, including the NexTex 4.0, which can be modified to suit the needs of the customers. It has been designed to work with the Clamex and Cabineo and offers a completely digitalised production cycle. 

“Our software, which can be used remotely, makes it really easy to select or adjust a cabinet’s dimensions – it even calculates how many Lamello connectors you will need to use on each design – simplifying the whole process. Once the data has been transferred to the machine, the CNC will format and drill all vertical holes and grooves and will cut-out the necessary channels for the connectors on the edges or in X and Y directions on the surface. 

“It makes the whole process extremely efficient and Lamello’s connectors are the ideal solution for customers who need the flexibility to flat pack their furniture without the quality being affected.” 

Katharina Zimmermann, manager of product management, CNC processing, Homag

“We have been engineering solutions with Lamello for eight years. We were the first CNC producer to work with Lamello and at this year’s Ligna, we were pleased to present our first Centateq N-600 nesting machine, which has been designed to automatically insert the Cabineo. 

“We are the first machinery manufacturer to create an aggregate that not only drills and routers the panel but also inserts the fixings, offering an extremely efficient way to use Lamello’s connectors. In this case, one machine really does offer a complete solution and we were excited to show live demonstrations throughout the show. 

“This is one of many innovations we’ve designed to work with Lamello which is, in part, due to the growing number of our customers using Lamello fixings. Homag has been a driving force behind automisation in the industry for many years and partnerships such as this add value to our product line and benefit our customers massively.” 

Giorgio Galimberti, business product manager, Biesse

“All of Biesse’s machines are predisposed to work with Lamello’s connectors due to the volume of interest in its product range. We offer complete flexibility across our range and as such, we have the possibility to create solutions that can work with one or more of Lamello’s connectors. 

“At Ligna, we presented the Brema Vektor 15 CS vertical boring machine. It features a built-in unit for inserting glue and dowels but the beauty of this machine is its flexibility. It has already been customised to insert Lamello’s Cabineo and Clamex connectors automatically, making it the ideal solution for batch one manufacturers. 

“There’s also been great interest from high-production companies who are looking to improve productivity and reduce labour costs. We’ve calculated that this machine can insert one Cabineo every three seconds, making it extremely efficient. It’s this level of flexibility and innovation that makes Lamello an ideal partner for us.”

Reinhard Huber, partner manager, Tapio

“Building a partnership with Lamello is extremely important to us. Our aim is to connect the industry and create an ecosystem especially for the wood industry. Think of it as a digital shop floor that is open 24/7. 

“We want to work with forward-thinking companies that understand the importance of being part of a community and work with them to create new business models in the market. We think Lamello is a perfect fit for us and its experience in the sector shows commitment to the industry.” 

For further details contact Lamello’s UK representative, Shaye Chatfield.

0789 1025 646