Part of the Hultafors Group, Snickers Workwear manufactures and provides work wear for professional tradesmen and service people.

The products are renowned for their quality, function and innovative solutions. Founded in Sweden in 1975, Snickers Workwear is now one of Europe’s leading brands in work wear, and is represented in 15 countries.

The company’s new Next Generation work clothes brochure celebrates 40 years of workwear innovation, focusing on what to wear if you want to stay warm and keep cool this winter.

Snickers’ mission has always been to lead the workwear industry with technically advanced garments designed and developed for craftsmen’s specific on-the-job needs. The company’s products provide a superior level of working comfort, protection and functionality, wherever you are on site.

The new What To Wear brochure provides information and advice on the best working clothes for the autumn and winter months – with a particular focus on the new Next Generation work trousers.

Fabric, functionality and fit are the hallmarks of this next generation, but it is the innovation and technology in the design of the garments that really sets them apart from the rest. It is the result of three years of meticulous research and development, informed by hundreds of hours of product testing and end-user feedback.

The new work trousers are designed to satisfy the needs of 21st Century craftsmen who expect more than basic, poor quality garments can deliver. The solution is a completely new concept, introducing a range of trouser families to suit differing trades, working environments and weather conditions.

For more information on the Snickers’ Next Generation work trousers, call the helpline or visit the Snickers website.