The new Makita BO6050J random orbit sander has two modes of operation. In the traditional random orbit mode for fine finish sanding and buffing, the motion of the pad is orbital action plus random action or free-rotation.

This stops when firm hand pressure is exerted on the tool. The alternative roto-orbit mode is ideal for stock removal, coarse sanding and polishing. Here the motion of the pad is a combination of orbital action and power-driven rotation.

This mains-powered sander, with 750W motor, will run the 150mm pad up to 6800 orbits per minute and deliver up to 13,600 sanding orbits per minute. The maximum orbit eccentricity is 5.5mm. The soft-start system smoothly accelerates the pad when the machine is switched on for operator protection. Variable speed settings can be selected by the dial which is conveniently located on the slim-line body.

This narrow body with soft grip gives excellent machine control, and the forward hand-mount enables accurate pressure to be applied directly to the pad. Once the machine is switched off, the electronic pad brake swiftly stops rotation. The pad has a hook and loop fixing to make abrasive changes quick and simple, and the pad can be changed without the aid of tools. It weighs just 2.6kg and is available in 110V or 240V.

Dust extraction is a firm requirement in any sanding operation and the new Makita BO6050J has through-the-pad extraction, and a neat, slim connection tube below the body which is positioned so it is not intrusive for the operator and simply connects to a vacuum dust extractor.

A new design of narrow depth skirt above the pad, where the drive is housed, enables the pad and abrasive to get under items to improve access performance. The skirt also acts as a front bumper so that the sanding disc doesn’t graze any adjoining vertical surfaces during operation.

For instance, when in use in automotive body shops, this slim pad feature enables the abrasive to get under a door handle to complete the sanding – this would otherwise be missed and have to be finished by hand. This versatile sander will become the core choice for cabinetmakers, joiners and automotive repairers.