Blum’s Space Tower larder unit is a breathtakingly simple and straightforward solution to the storage problems that most users have. 

Fully extendable drawers mean that every single centimetre of space is utilised, with no need to leave gaps above and below each drawer to manoeuvre items in and out. 

Blum has calculated that up to 55% more accessible storage can be achieved by using pull out drawers rather than shelves.

The Space Tower Larder Unit

Space Tower can be used at all levels of the market; interiors can be designed to accommodate every budget. 

Each drawer has the option of flexible inner dividing systems such as Ambia-Line or Orga-Line to organise the interiors for all shapes and sizes of packets, boxes and bottles. 

It is available in various widths and heights, to cater for all kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sizes.

A fully-propped Space Tower shows consumers how much space is available

Open-plan living-dining kitchens are also a growing trend in the UK. 

Kitchen owners want sleek cabinets that hide everything away, yet which still offer easy access and immediate viewing of everything stored. 

Space Tower offers those advantage for tall storage cabinets, and Blum’s opening and closing systems and internal dividing systems, Ambia-Line and Orga-Line keep the interiors under control, ensuring the contents remain upright, neat and easily recognisable. 

Space Tower has the flexibility to range from 300mm to 1200mm wide, so is the perfect storage solution for kitchens of all sizes.

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