With TIP-ON BLUMOTION, it is possible to refine any design concept, particularly if the design of furniture avoids the use of handles completely. Can be implemented with the LEGRABOX BLUMOTION S cabinet profile.

The new Blumotion S is an innovative runner with integrated product intelligence for Legrabox and Movento. It gives cabinet makers and manufacturers the flexibility to implement any one of three different motion technologies with a single runner. Adaptive soft close guarantees soft and effortless closing.

Simply attach a Tip-On Blumotion unit and turn Blumotion into Tip-On Blumotion. Adaptive soft close is guaranteed.

Blumotion S helps you make customised furniture with utmost ease and flexibility. Cabinet makers and manufacturers can now use a single runner to implement three different motion technologies: Blumotion, Servo-Drive or Tip-On Blumotion. 

Three motion technologies can be implemented with BLUMOTION S - BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON BLUMOTION.

What’s more, the runner is designed for two different systems: the Legrabox box and Movento runner system. And thanks to integrated product intelligence, soft and effortless closing is guaranteed every time. 

The BLUMOTION S runner offers the same motion technology components, unchanged drilling and fixing positions and the usual adjustment options for height, side, tilt and depth

To achieve adaptive soft close, simply attach a Tip-On Blumotion unit. No matter whether electrical or mechanical opening support system, Blum offers the right solution and level of convenience for base cabinets throughout the home.

Easy assembly – no extra work

The components of the different motion technologies remain the same, as do drilling and fixing positions. Cabinet makers can use Blumotion S like any other runner. Assembly and adjustment are the same, with no extra work. Blumotion S allows you to streamline and simultaneously enlarge your range so you can meet various customer needs and create individualised designs.

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The new Blumotion S runner allows you to implement three different motion technologies for Legrabox and Movento

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