This month sees the launch of Holz-Her’s all-new gantry console CNC, the Epicon 7235. Designed to offer medium-to-large stair, window, door and panel producers precise and repeatable results, the state-of-the-art CNC comes equipped with a wealth of solutions to address arduous tasks, reducing set-up times, costly downtime and demanding production schedules.  

Sitting on a rigid steel, plasma-cut base, the robust, gantry-style Epicon 7235 offers precise, heavy-duty milling on large workpieces up to 300mm high and 1660mm wide.

To achieve this, the machine comes well-appointed with an impressive array of hardware. Included is a high-powered, 13kW, direct-drive five-axis head as standard, which, coupled with ceramic bearings and an extremely high holding force, works in unison with the impressive vector speed (XYZ-axes) of 131m/min. 

A high-powered, 13kW, direct-drive five-axis head comes as standard

It also comes equipped with a precision drill head with an infinitely variable speed of up to 6250rpm at full torque, an optional 18kW Pro-Torque electro-spindle for large diameter tooling on solid wood and, like all Holz-Her CNCs, it can be equipped with a variety of automatic toolchanging options for every configuration and application.

When it comes to speedy set-up and effective material handling, the Epicon’s range of positioning systems, all with varying levels of automation, certainly deliver. A manual positioning table, with two laser pointers for the exact positioning of vacuum cups and display of workpiece contours, comes as standard. 

The new CNC comes with hands-free, knee-activated vacuum, for easy handling

In addition, Holz-Her’s brand-new LED positioning table automatically identifies where the operator needs to place the consoles and pods, and displays multiple cut positions in one go, without the need for manual adjustment. This simplifies the machining process further, and de-skills the operation. 

Taking the process a step further, Holz-Her’s SynchroDrive Table offers a fully automatic table with no manual intervention required – eliminating operator error completely. Every single console and suction cup is synchronised and driven into position independently and simultaneously, guaranteeing the super-fast, accurate positioning of every component. 

The state-of-the-art Epicon does not disappoint with its software offering, either. Configured for use on Windows 10, the newest addition to the Holz-Her portfolio comes with the latest Beckhoff Twin-Cat-3 extended automation technology control system, and is partnered with a CAMPUS/NC HOPS V7 Plus open architecture software suite, which is compatible with all major software providers. This means users are not restricted to one particular software provider and can freely change providers at any time without compatibility issues. 

The design includes console numbering for easy recognition and Schmaltz sheetless vacuum cups

The new software package, which features improved 3D simulations, includes new pre-programmed macros for effective five-axis machining, and BetterSim material-removal simulation that ensures collision-free operation between the machine’s tools, non-cutting area and workpiece. It can also be installed on several devices – which is great news for anyone also looking to use the Epicon’s new viaCockpit digitisation package.

The viaCockpit software suite, designed by Weinig Group, remotely monitors the productivity and health of the machine, helping safeguard the investment and eliminate avoidable downtime. Constantly monitoring health and running hours, this Integrated 4.0 smart factory technology enables the user to oversee preventative maintenance, or spot irregularities in real-time. 

It can even be fitted with a ChipControl Bluetooth spindle sensor, which alerts the user via the viaCockpit App and operator terminal if vibrations are reported due to unbalanced tools or broken cutters.

The Epicon 7235, Holz-Her’s all-new gantry console CNC

Paul Nightingale, national sales manager for Holz-Her UK, says: “The launch of the Epicon 7235 addresses the age-old problem of laborious set-up times and preventable downtime, whilst offering reliable high performance and pin-point accuracy. 

“But a high-quality, repeatable, precise finish is only achievable if your machine has been built to deliver. Our machines guarantee performance and longevity, and the Epicon is no exception. It has been built with directly driven drives – they don’t run though any belts – so you will not experience any loss of power.

“It also includes pneumatic brakes at the front and rear of each console (many CNCs only have one), which guarantee a completely stable workpiece when machining. Steel dust covers also prevent the penetration of dust and dirt, which in turn protects the linear guides."


Paul Nightingale, national sales manager for Holz-Her UK
“We’re so confident in this design, our linear guides are guaranteed for 10 years. And, as a way to ensure efficient and easy cleaning, the Epicon’s conveyor belt has been integrated into the frame, and isn’t sat at the front of the machine. 

“These features are easy to overlook when purchasing a CNC, but they extend the lifespan of the machine and, as a result, the cost of ownership is less over the machine’s lifetime than others on the market. The Epicon has been designed to offer a solution, and Holz-Her have delivered.”  

Due to the current restrictions and social distancing guidelines, Holz-Her is offering remote demonstrations of the Epicon 7235. To book a virtual demonstration or to talk to a Holz-Her CNC expert, call 01235 557600.