To mark its 60th year in the industry, Swiss vertical panel saw specialist, Striebig, has launched a brand new vertical panel saw: Edition 60.

Designed specifically for single-operator use, the new model, which is exclusively available in the UK through TM Machinery, centres around an integrated panel-lowering device (PAV) comprising two panel-lowering units that position each panel automatically. This process eliminates the need to turn the sheet by hand during the cutting process, allowing for a precise and effortless cutting process that requires minimal handling by a single operator. 

Suitable for use with panels up to 3000 x 2159mm and weighing up to 160kg, a third lifter can also be added for cutting large format panels up to 5000 x 2150mm that weigh up to 240kg. 

The new PAV system is also quick, offering an impressive feed rate of 5m/min under load and 10m/min without load. With additional features like integrated LED lights to guide you safely through the sawing process, you’re guaranteed optimised and short processing times.  

The new Edition 60 comes with numerous intelligent features designed to guarantee accuracy, speed and safe, hand-guided workflow. From a laser indicator for horizontal cuts and digital measuring systems on both the X and Y axis, to 17-pneumatically-braked support rollers and a pneumatic clamping motor carriage, the Edition 60’s design encompasses simple and ergonomic operation. 

It also features a user-friendly operating unit, robust wooden support wall, powerful, high-torque 5.5kW (7.5 HP) saw motor and an integrated TRK dust extraction system for seamless integration into any workshop. Striebig’s exclusive OptiDivide optimisation software is also available on this model, offering a further reduction in panel handling. 

Matt Pearce, MD of TM Machinery adds: “With the introduction of the Edition 60, Striebig now offers the most extensive range of vertical panel saws on the market, with all seven models providing diverse levels of automation. The Edition 60 gives our customers more choice. They no longer need to choose a larger, fully-automated model if they’re looking to reduce panel handling significantly.

It’s ideally suited to small-to-medium-sized manufacturers who are looking to reduce labour and the risks associated with material handling. With the Edition 60’s lifters, which don’t add to the height of the machine regardless of the panel size, one man can cut a sheet to size, quickly and efficiently. And with a two-speed motor, the cut cycle is quicker, reducing the time between cuts without compromising on accuracy.” 

Virtual demonstrations of the Edition 60 will be available at Ligna’s digital event from the 27-29th September.