Kundig Technic six-head sanding machine


It is no coincidence that Kündig sanders can be found in some of the most successful manufac-turing companies around the world and every day, many of us will either come into contact or rely on a product that has been through a Kündig sanding machine.

For many furniture makers whether producing by volume, for example five piece shaker doors or bespoke pieces commissioned by architects or private commissions, the one common re-quirement is to achieve the best possible surface finish. This is where Kündig is particularly well known and are often the first choice of many furniture makers who have welcomed the combination of today’s technology and Swiss engineering.

Image © F/List

Flying high

F/List manufacture over one fifth of the global market for the interior fit out of both private and business jets with projects including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Established in 1950, F/List has become a go to company for many of the aircraft manufacturers due to their know how when dealing with different materials which include carbon fibre, foam, and ultra-light honeycomb. Customers include such companies as Bombardier, Pilatus, Boeing and Embraer.

Skiing a-Head

Did you ever wonder how Skis and snowboards are made...? Or what gives a professional skier an advantage over their competitor...? The answer is Kündig who produce a series of CNC sanding machines which are used by many of the world’s renowned manufacturers including Head.

The machines have been a key part of the success of world champion skiers by manufacturing the core of the skis.

These CNC sanders can perfectly shape the inner core which has been tested and trialled with minute adjustments to the profile and thickness which in turn controls the flexibility of the ski or snowboard. When competing for world titles or for Gold at the Olympics, Kündig have been a go to company to give the best possible opportunity to claim a place on the podium.

Kundig Technic Botop – Top and Bottom sander

Floored by Kündig

Trumpf are manufacturers of quality parquet flooring and have a yearly production of around 200,000m2. When looking at structuring, Trumpf wanted a machine that could offer the same level of accuracy as a wide belt sander and the same high quality consistent finish. Typically, most structuring machines are usually set rather inaccurately and then need regular adjustment when the brushes start to wear.

However as with all industries, products evolve and higher targets are set and where working to a couple of tenths of a millimetre used to be the norm, whereas today’s standards dictate accuracy within a couple of hundredths of a millimetre. Typically, Kündig’s experience and technical know how provided the solution for Trumpf who state: ‘Kundig was the only company in Europe that could help us by brushing test samples for us’.

Kündig Technic Brush four-head machine

Swiss accuracy

Within the Kündig range are a series of machines under the ‘Kündig Precision’ moniker. These machines are designed like no other and give sanding accuracy to within one hundredth of a millimeter.

Typically, these machines are used in both the automotive and aviation industries and used for sanding raw veneer for  interior car components such as veneered dashboards, door capping’s and vanity panels, insulation materials, carbon fibre and cork to name just a few.

There are even machines used for the calibration of the carbon fibre brakes on commercial aircraft.

High volume production

Installed at one of the manufacturing plants for a global Swedish furniture manufacturer are several high-speed veneer and UV sanding lines capable of running at speeds up to 60m/min. These types of machines often run three shifts and are testament to the strength, reliability and consistent quality of finish needed in such a high production environment.

To conclude, packed into every Kündig machine is the wealth of experience and understanding of every technical aspect to give the best possible surface finish yet making sure every machine is user friendly and easy to handle.

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