Furniture design and interior decoration are characterised by trends and innovations. To keep carpenters and cabinet makers in the loop, Ostermann has just sent out two new catalogues. For the first time, these contain the new, customisable fronts and furniture roller shutters. 

The Ostermann range for furniture making and interior design now includes more than 20,000 items. To provide the trade with even more service, there are now two new catalogues: “Creative Design” and “Edgings. Everything for Practical Processing.”

While the first catalogue is perfect for advising customers, with products such as surfaces and design items, the second was conceived as a reference book for planning, purchasing, and the workshop.

On the inside of both catalogues, readers can expect numerous inspiring application pictures with ideas for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, and retail shops. Both reference books were sent out by Ostermann in mid-April. Anyone who has not received a copy or needs additional ones can request them from May via the company’s homepage. At the same time, all catalogues are also available digitally, in the download section at

Everything for “Creative Design”

The “Creative Design” catalogue contains all items you need to give furniture a unique and individual look. These not only include a large selection of furniture and wall claddings, lighting profiles, LED strips and accessories, but also the typically diverse range of Ostermann handles and handle elements. The catalogue’s last chapter “Function & Equipment” additionally presents table bases and frames, castors, and the Smartcube shelving system. 

New: fronts and furniture roller shutters made to measure

For the first time, the catalogue includes customisable furniture fronts and furniture roller shutters. Look at the chapter “Made-to-Measure Products” in the “Creative Design” catalogue to see the full diversity.

Fronts are available with many different surface finishes and qualities, such as lacquer, Senosan, aluminium, wood veneer, linoleum, or melamine. Furniture roller shutters can be designed with just as much versatility with plastic, aluminium, glass or real wood mats, and different mechanisms and running directions. 

Everything for “Practical Processing”

The second catalogue “Practical Processing” shows edgings in a wide range of materials. Here carpenters / cabinet makers will find furniture edgings in all the latest colours and decors. This is followed by the sections “Workshop & Adhesives” and “Construction”, with items any furniture maker needs to assemble and finish their workpieces, such as glues and cleaners, or materials for packaging and transport.

Also worth a look is the catalogue’s last chapter: among the many technical profiles, fastening systems and plinth systems for furniture making you are guaranteed to find the right solution for a new project.