In recent years, Freud has noted the worldwide growing demand for design furniture and a consequent interest in precise and high-performance router cutters. With this market trend expected to continue rising, furniture makers require – now more than ever – a reliable partner to equip their traditional or last generation CNC machines with premium tooling solutions that combine excellent performance with higher productivity. 

Freud, a global leader in premium cutting tool manufacturing, has designed a range of Solid Carbide Router Cutters, named SCH, that provide the perfect solution to tackle the toughest challenges posed by the most demanding applications.

Among Freud’s wide offer of superior quality routing, drilling and CNC tools, these best-in-class router cutters provide furniture makers with the right solution to achieve flawless results. 

From a technical point of view, what makes the SCH range so unique is a mixture of high-quality raw material and technological know-how.  

Freud’s Solid Carbide Router Cutters are made of TiCo Carbide, a specially formulated, highly compact Titanium Cobalt Carbide, engineered and manufactured in-house since 1980. The TiCo Carbide provides a sharper edge and a flawless finish, with a dramatically longer cutting life. 

Besides, the Italian brand is continuously investing in the development of new Carbide recipes, to further optimise the cutting performance of its tools. 

Freud’s know-how and expertise comprehends design innovation too. Different geometries and new helix designs have been developed to deliver impeccable results: the SCH upcut helix, downcut helix and compression helix represent the best solutions for a flawless finishing, respectively on the lower edge, top edge and both edges of the panel.

Moreover, Freud is committed to continuously improve its Solid Carbide Router Cutters to fulfil the new market requirements. The brand is currently planning to enlarge its offer by launching over 50 new diameters by the end of the year, with a strong focus on providing users with a wider choice and greater application flexibility. 

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