Pictured: MS 40-SF

The attractiveness of wood has a lot to do with its market price when compared with other materials. Therefore, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing is required. With processing techniques from Hoffmann, this objective can be easily achieved. 

When it comes to frames, cassettes and architraves, the focus is on the classic mitre joint, which is secured with the highly structural and durable connecting element – “The Hoffmann Key”. For safe woodworking you also need “safe” machinery. This means maximum security for the operator of the machine and safe design for the future. The Hoffmann MS-35 and MS-35-SF ensure safe working.


The work-piece is laid on the table and positioned for cutting. The start button is pressed to begin the machine cycle and the profile is clamped. Both saw units cycle from above to make the mitre cuts. The parts remain clamped whilst the tables open to allow the router units to rout one or two dovetail slots for jointing with Hoffmann Keys, sizes W-1/2/3. The machine tables close and the finished work-piece is removed. The next machine cycle begins.

The machine safety guard closes automatically after starting the processing cycle and re-opens when complete. A Clear vision panel retains the dust and scrap end, for better operator comfort. A Fence stop system is also available for longer profiles up to 4000mm. 

It can be used solely as a double mitre saw, to cut to length profiles such as glazing beads, cornices and plinths in wood, aluminium, and plastic at 45° angles, and it can  also be integrated with a cross-cut saw to make the square cut and control the length.

Further special improvements have been made to the double mitre combination machine, MS 35-SF. The Hoffmann design team developed technology which reduced the vibrations created on the saw blades. This resulted in an increase in the precision and accuracy of both mitre cuts so that no further work was required prior to joining. This uncompromising accuracy is particularly important when the finished surface joint is visible.

A high-quality cut, as well as high quality routing, is achieved by almost vibration-free running of the machine, the body of which is extremely robust and weighs about 700kg. A chip breaker provides a chip-free cut. Another feature is the extremely low noise level which is immediately noticeable. 

The range has now evolved to include the MS40-SF. With a larger saw blade (400mm), the cutting width increases to 105mm and a new waste ejector automatically removes off cuts at the front of the unit. Automatic router positioning is also available via NC axis and touch screen adjustment.

“We currently use the Hoffmann MS35-SF to produce glazing bead cassettes for our fire doors and glazed screens,” comments Mitch Johnson, branch manager, Door and Joinery Solutions.

“Using the Hoffmann jointing system not only improves the process by simplifying it, but it has also increased the quality of the finished joint and the speed at which it is produced.

“Because the joints are so accurate and secure, there is less filling required on the joints before spraying and the cassettes can be lacquered before fitting into the door. Production of the vision panel has increased by roughly 20% since having the Hoffmann machinery installed.” 

Tim Doran, MD of Ahmarra Door Solutions, adds: “Over the many years of manufacturing, many of our machines have required replacing and updating as expected, but the Hoffmann MS 35-SF has continued to manufacture a precision product with only routine maintenance required, and we see no reason to replace it in the near future.

“This combination machine not only cuts the perfect mitres but simultaneously routers the dovetail slots for the Hoffmann Keys. Ahmarra have a long relationship with Hoffmann, and our current Hoffmann MS 35-SF has been in operation for over 20 years, and still performs with the expected accuracy and precision that it did the day it was installed.” 

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