Titus is a leading component manufacturer specialising in development and production of cabinet hardware, hydraulic dampers, automated assembly systems, tooling, die-casting technologies, custom die-cast components and ultrasound fastening technologies.

A global brand, Titus has been at the forefront of innovation since 1973, consistently developing precision components that make assembly seamless, enhance the look of furniture and improve competitiveness.

Through innovative product design, engineering expertise and effective service, customers and partners of Titus are able to improve their productivity and quality, as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes.

Titus’ unique Fit For Purpose approach, enables high volumes with a consistent precision and repeatable quality.

Tekform drawers

Tekform kitchen drawers from Titus combine long-lasting quality and sleek attractive appearance with effective soft-closing and simple mounting. The company has recently launched new slimline versions featuring 14mm side panels.

These provide additional useful space inside the drawers with no increase in overall dimensions. Tekform drawers incorporate precision-engineered Titus hydraulic dampers that provide a reliable and consistent soft closing action combined with low pull-out force.

Tekform slimline drawers are available in three heights – 70, 145 and 182mm – and can be supplied in a range of attractive finishes that ideally complement contemporary furniture designs. A further key benefit is that they use the same drilling pattern for runners as their predecessors, which facilitates their use in existing products and designs.

T-type hinges

The new T-type hinges from Titus are suitable for use on a wide range of doors with thicknesses up to 34 mm. Their unique three-way snap-on mounting system makes them exceptionally easy to install, even on large heavy doors with multiple hinges. The range has recently been extended to include pie-cut (bi-fold) hinges for corner cabinets, which fit standard drilling patterns and feature convenient ‘double lock’ opening. This means users can either open just one door leaf to get excellent access into the cabinet interior or they can fully open the doors by locking the hinge cup and make the door leaves work as one.

FastFix hinge cups for T-type

FastFix hinge cups are another recent addition to the T-type range. The new cups incorporate pre-mounted 8mm diameter expanding dowels that make hinge attachment quick and easy. The expanding dowels enable precise tool-free insertion of the hinge cup and hold it accurately in place until the dowels are tightened. Triple-start screws mean that only three turns of the screwdriver are needed to fix the hinge cup, while the ‘Expando’ feature ensures firm attachment as well as allowing repeated assembly and disassembly.

TL5 Full Metal Jacket connectors

The new and innovative Quickfit TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowels from Titus provide strong, reliable joints in all types of wooden materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood.

This means that it is no longer necessary to use different dowels for different materials.

Quickfit TL back-to-back connectors

These innovative connectors are compatible with a wide range of materials and are now available in versions that have expanding 9 mm flanged plastic sleeves, allowing them to be used in 10 mm dowel holes. They can be used in single and back-to-back applications and, like all TL connectors, they incorporate the Titus ‘Expando’ feature which guarantees consistently strong joints.

TeraBlack visually appealing components

Particularly well suited to applications in high-end premium kitchen furniture, Titus TeraBlack products fully meet the requirements of designers and consumers looking for unobtrusive yet attractive cabinet hardware. The product range includes new versions of its innovative and highly successful T-type hinges, TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowels, shelf supports and push latches. The new Tera (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) versions have a dark-grey non-reflective finish that is not only visually appealing but also highly resistant to scratching.

To complement its extensive range of connectors and components, Titus offers support and advice for manufacturers of bespoke and high-end kitchen cabinets and furniture. The team at Titus is always ready to discuss and develop solutions for even the most discerning manufacturers so, give Titus a call to discuss your application.