The Curve is a multi-layered thick veneer edging so flexible that it opens up new dimensions in the processing around tight radii.

It differs from conventional thick veneer edgings by way of its special setup. This feature enables a processor to run a thick veneer edging around even the tightest radii (e.g., radius 20) in just one pass on a processing centre. This ensures significant time savings and is thus also clearly beneficial in terms of economy and efficiency.

It can be used on standard processing centres with hot melt or dispersion adhesives. Users should observe the instruction manual of their machine and the material safety and data sheet of their glue supplier.

The edgings should be stored horizontally. Ideal conditions are approximately 20°C and a relative humidity between 50% and 60%. Under this condition, the moisture content of the edgings should establish at ~ 10%. A climate-controlled storage is essential to preserve the flexible properties of the edging.

In summary: „The Curve” unfolds its special qualities when it comes to covering edges of workpieces with small radii on processing centres. This is what makes this thick veneer edging so attractive for the discerning user.