NE 350 J Air Flow


According to NESTRO® Lufttechnik GmbH the world-renowned extraction and filter technology specialists, the development of their new generation type – NE J – sets a new standard for the industry, citing that is the first series of clean air dedusters equipped with IE5 reluctance motors and frequency converters (both made by ABB).

Nestro says that users can save up to 22% on energy costs compared to those using IE3 motors in workplaces with a variety of processing machines. In this way, the German company makes a significant contribution to climate protection.

NE 250 J and a QR-code link to a YouTube video

The new range features the well-established performance classes 250, 300 and 350 with an operating air volume of up to 9500m³/h and is based on decades of company experience in woodworking, in device technology and in the technology of high efficient fans. The use of these dedusters for the extraction of various materials pays off cost-wise for companies in many industries. Nestro says the NE J verifiably saves:

  • investment costs through indoor installation close to the machine using short pipeline routes only with overall low line resistances,
  • operating costs thanks to the frequency-controlled IE5 reluctance motor (efficiency above 90%),
  • heating costs through circulating air operation with a guaranteed residual dust content of <0.1 mg/m³, maintenance costs through an intelligent, certified automatic fire extinguishing system – no water or dry chemicals needed – and
  • installation and base costs as a mobile plug-and-play device (requires only power and compressed-air connection plus junction of the pipeline).

The new state-of-the-art design offers four different disposal options: mobile dust bins, 800l norm container, separator lock or briquetting press. The NESTRO-LOGIC control for automatic fan start recognises up to ten processing machines and controls the associated gate valves via potential-free contacts or spools. A wired control terminal gives the user optimal freedom of movement in terms of operation and data analysis. The deduster can be parameterized and operated in 16 languages via the 7 in colour touch panel. Thanks to WLAN, commissioning can even take place directly at the processing machines.