When a leading timber staircase manufacturer recently added a Weinig Powermat 700 moulder to its already impressive line-up of equipment, re-jigging the dust extraction ductwork to accommodate the new high-speed machine was all in a day’s work for Extractly Ltd’s COVID-secure installation team. 

Extractly is a leading UK distributor of Nordfab clipped ductwork, and is south Yorkshire-based GD Woodworking’s preferred contractor for dust extraction. Although on this occasion the job required little more than a new header and flexible ducting, employing Nordfab’s Quick-Fit clip-together ducting components still helped to make this a straightforward and speedy task to complete; a win-win for GD Woodworking, as the new machine could be commissioned without delay and production continued with minimal interruption. 

A complete extraction system had been installed at the premises when Glyn Ducker moved the business there a few years ago and, as Extractly’s Jake Oldfield explained: “Back in 2016, Glyn had the foresight to invest in clipped ducting throughout the factory, and his investment has paid dividends when production demands have necessitated the relocation or replacement of existing machines.

Extractly supplied and installed Nordfab QF ducting components for a new Weinig moulder at GD Woodworking

“Because Nordfab’s Quick-Fit ducting system simply clips together, without the need for any special tools, installation and down-times are massively reduced in comparison with other types of ducting,” says Jake, “and the rolled edges on the ductwork ends make for a clean connection to other components, and the integral gasket on the barrel-type clamp guarantees a leak-tight seal.” 

When it comes to installing a dust extraction system, Nordfab claims that Quick-Fit ducting is ‘the world’s fastest ducting’, but as GD Woodworking has found out, it’s just as easy to uninstall and relocate when you move machinery or make other changes to the work area. 

“We also have an Ecogate energy-saving system installed,” commented  GD Woodworking’s Mr Ducker, “so, since Extractly is an approved installer for both Ecogate and Nordfab equipment, we can be certain that any changes made to our extraction ductwork system are completed in the correct manner, without compromising efficiency or safety, and that any LEV testing is completed to HSE guidelines.”

As well as providing a full design and installation service, Extractly is also an authorised Nordfab dealer, and the full range of QF ducting components can be purchased directly from its online shop. So, whether a customer needs supply only for a self-install project, or purchasing components for a third party to install, most standard components can be ordered for next day delivery from www.extractly.co.uk/pages/quick-fit-ducting.

“Extractly was established to satisfy demand from both professional extraction engineers and the self-installer,” says Jake Oldfield. “Through the online shop, Extractly has the capacity to provide just about any item you could possibly need… whether that’s Quick-Fit ducting, replacement filter media, or even a complete new filter unit.”

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