With an annual production of over 2000 machines, the Brandt name is synonymous with high quality edgebanding machinery. A key member of the Homag Group, Brandt boasts a wide portfolio of throughfeed edgebanding machines, from the ultra-compact Ambition 1220 FC entry level model, through to the 1440 FC and Ambition 1650 FC.

Brandt prides itself on having a solution for every kind of edging need. Whether it be a machine for flexible production to fulfil bespoke orders, or demanding industrial production, Brandt offers the right solution at the right price.

Single-sided edging for small producers
Brandt’s range of Ambition edgebanders starts with the 1100 series, capable of edgebanding up to 3mm in thickness. The super compact 1110 can be supplied with or without a pre-milling unit. Both options have a precision gluing unit and coil magazine, a two motor snipping unit, top and bottom trimming and finishing units.

A new addition to the 1100 series is the 1120 FC which comes complete with a corner rounding unit, making this the most compact machine for complete edge application and post processing.  The 1100 series is the perfect choice for entry level users.

The next step up is the 1200 series. These machines run with a higher track speed and provide customers with a very respectable throughput at an extremely attractive price point. A very useful feature supplied as standard is a contact heating shoe; when activated it transfers contact heat into the board edge immediately prior to the glue application on the workpiece edge. This maintains the gluing quality, especially with difficult edging materials or at very low ambiant temperatures. An easy-to-use controller allows users to store and recall programs at the touch of a button.

The 1200 series is capable of applying coiled materials up to 3mm and by choice, solid wood edges up to 6mm in thickness without compromising performance.  Models are available with various specifications to suit individual needs.

Small-medium sized options
Moving further up the production scale, the 1400 series edgebanders set the benchmark for medium level production.  With an edge capacity of 8mm, program controlled adjustment of the units and extremely accurate settings, the 1400 is an ideal partner for a medium-sized business. 

The 1440 FC is the most popular machine from the range, and is supplied complete with Brandt’s servo-controlled corner rounding units. These can be adjusted from the control panel of the machine to change from one tape type to another with absolute accuracy. If required, machines can be equipped with PUR adhesive systems to cater for applications where water and heat resistance is an advantage.

Ambition 1650 FC for high end throughput
With extremely short set-up times, the high output Ambition 1650 FC has a host of automated features that deliver significant time savings. It has all the advantages found in the 1400 but with the added benefits of a range of equipment for 15mm edge application and finishing, as well as faster feed speeds for higher capacity requirements.

Invisible joints – quality edgebanding for all
Brandt’s airTec system has continued to stun customers as it has brought invisible joint quality edgebanding, with a superior finish, to the whole woodworking industry.

“The experts at Brandt have developed a revolutionary edgebanding solution which is affordable by even the smallest workshops,” says Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK. “The process starts when a commercially available coextruded edging tape, is heated by compressed air (between 270°C and 320°C) as it goes through the machine.

“This heat activates molecular bonding between the panel and edging material as they are fused together, producing outstanding results. airTec technology can be combined with a conventional glue pot to provide complete flexibilty. The changeover between the two methods takes very little time so that responding to customer demands is quick and easy.”

Available on all 1400-1800 series edgebanders, airTec can be easily adapted to suit different panel thicknesses; it is therefore a flexible and cost-effective solution for most edging needs.

Shaping up
As well as providing a large choice of throughfeed machines for straight edged panels, Brandt offers a selection of machines such as the KTD 720 for edgebanding and trimming curved edge panels. This flexible machine concept is efficient and reliable when it comes to gluing a series of formed parts with both internal and external radii.

When considering the number of models and breadth of applications available from this powerful German company, it’s clear to see why Brandt remains a world-leading manufacturer of high quality edgebanders for the panel processing industry. 

“At Homag UK, we always have a wide range of Brandt edgebanders available for visitors to trial and for quick delivery purposes. Customers are always welcome to visit our showroom to see these quality machines in action for themselves,” concludes Simon.

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The Brandt Edgebander Ambition 1650 FC has faster speeds for higher capacity requirements

The Brandt Edgebander Highflex 1220 – higher track speed for increased throughput rates