Peter Norris & Son is a specialist designer and manufacturer of kitchens, bedrooms, offices and bespoke furniture based in Nantwich, Cheshire. The company is a master of its trade ensuring that the design, layout and budget meet customer requirements perfectly.

Cabinetmakers since 1982, this family-run business consistently demonstrates what it is capable of through its diverse portfolio. Peter and son Jon are authorised fabricators of materials that offer limitless possibilities such as Corian, Hi-Macs and Staron Solid Surfaces. It is no wonder that there is a very high demand for the company’s kitchens – among other products.

Producing small batches of orders that are of specialist design and nature is the company’s area of expertise which means manufacturing products of the utmost quality and unrivalled product performance.

Now equipped with the Profit H22 CNC machining centre, part of Felder’s Format-4 Range, the company is able to achieve so more than before. “It is unbelievable what the machine enables us to achieve,” states Peter, “We are delighted with its performance – it is the best thing since sliced bread!”

Before the company equipped its workshop with the H22, it may have had to turn work away if it could not complete within a deadline; but now it is a case of sailing through the work it has scheduled, due to the speed and accuracy of the impressive Felder CNC.

Increased productivity has allowed Peter Norris & Son to start manufacturing cabinets and doors for local kitchen companies. In addition to its significant increase in productivity, trading under the name Cheshire CNC; it also performs CNC work for third parties that do not have a CNC machine of their own.

Manufacturing processes such as machining everything from a simple perfect circle to highly complex shapes and other time-consuming tasks is something that it can now readily offer – the Profit H22 has allowed this diversification of its business, opening new opportunities.

Jon is impresssed how the machine’s maximum positioning accuracy improves the finish. “The H22 gives our products the finishing touches that other machines in the workshop just cannot achieve.”

He also explained how a customer, who recently approached the firm, wanted some components to be made, and because of the H22, it was able to make them instantly from a simple drawing. In the past, this task would have taken many hours.

Peter too cannot rate his new Felder CNC highly enough. “The Profit H22 has passed with flying colours and cannot be faulted. And the good thing was, Felder listened to what we wanted and let us decide things in our own time. We are very happy with Felder and the honest, and calm approach they take.”

Expecting more work in the future, Peter Norris & Son is very happy with its Format-4 CNC H22 which it says  is “more than paying for itself” and what makes everything even better, is that Felder is only a phone call away.