Talking to Homag customers, it soon becomes abundantly clear that one of the many advantages of dealing with the Homag Group is its leading edge software. Over the years, the Homag name has become synonymous with innovative technology and precision quality machinery.

The company recognised very early in its development that in order for customers to achieve optimum results from its equipment, Homag had to develop simple to operate, reliable software. So, to make the impossible, possible, it has created a variety of top-of-the-range software programs that enable customers to have complete control over their manufacturing processes.

A prime example of this can be seen at Bluespot Furniture. Bluespot operations director, Dr Andrew Cooper, explains: “Our entire manufacturing system has been built around Homag Group equipment because it is the most reliable and technically advanced on the market.

“When moving to our new premises we undertook a comprehensive evaluation of equipment and systems that would help us achieve our goals and it soon became clear that integrated control software would be a pivotal factor in our decision making.”

woodWOP – take control of your CNC programming system
Perhaps the best known and respected Homag software is woodWOP. Since its launch in 1992, woodWOP has set the standard in CNC software.

Luke Briggs, CNC production manager for Silverlining Furniture is a fan.

“The Homag Venture 316 five-axis CNC processing centre is the first Homag CNC I’ve run and despite the high tech specification, it is so reliable; you press the go button and it just churns through the work producing outstanding quality results, time after time.

“Table legs that previously took two or three days to craft by hand are completed and ready for the next process in less than two hours; it’s just amazing and so easy to use. The woodWOP software that controls the Venture 316 is totally user-friendly. I went on a four-day training course at Homag UK’s Castle Donington headquarters and came away bubbling with enthusiasm about the capabilities of the package.”

With its latest edition, woodWOP 7, the Homag Group has redefined the boundaries of five-axis programming. The new 3D version offers a whole new approach. Whilst in previous router programming methods contour lines were used, now customers are able to select a surface and allow the software to automatically calculate the paths present.

The functions of CAD/CAM which are directly integrated in woodWOP, provide impressive operating simplicity and easy familiarisation for its operator: 3D roughing, 3D finishing, 3D peripheral routing and 2D curve routing.

To help existing woodWOP customers Homag has set up a dedicated forum where operators can get advice or support from other users of the software.

Optimisation with eSOLUTION CAD/CAM
This furniture design software optimises the production process at the initial design stage, right through to completion of the product. It is specifically configured to create efficient order processing and instant integration to production machinery.

With its modular design, customers need only purchase the modules relevant to their business, making it an extremely cost-effective solution that gives furniture manufacturers a real edge.

eSOLUTION delivers parametric furniture design in 3D and provides a direct link to the machine technology. Immediately following the design process, production drawings and bills of material can be created at the click of a mouse with design data automatically forwarded to Homag machinery. This means they are directly actuated with all the necessary parameters such as tool selection, drilling pattern, speed feed rate or approach strategy.

Regardless of whether working with dimensionally variable carcass furniture or complex furnishing items, such as counters, bars or reception desks, assemblies are generated in 3D complete with all their connections, processing operations and hardware.

At the same time, woodCAD/CAM creates drawings in a two or three-dimensional view, including all cross-sections and details for easy communication with architects and developers.

The system encompasses an integrated order and project management capability. This means planning and design data is calculated directly with material and production costs which can be read out in various forms, such as a manufacturing cost calculation or a quotation template.

Not only is this software the modern way to produce furniture, it is also the only way forward for those wanting to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketplace.

woodNest Professional – Software for nesting shaped parts
Developed to make nesting easy, it is used to take woodWOP programs and optimise them into full-sized sheets so that the user can get the best yield from their materials and, therefore, achieve maximum efficiency.

“This software gets the most out of materials and time,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at Homag UK. “It optimises cutting and machining in one program. woodWOP programs are imported directly, placed on an unprocessed panel and optimised to reduce material costs and shorten the total processing time.

“In designing and developing software, the Homag Group has always focused on three key areas: ease of use, productivity and profit improvement.  The woodWOP, eSolution and woodNest software packages take performance to a new level of professionalism giving customers the opportunity to improve the control and efficiency of their operation,” concludes Simon.

For a demonstration on any of Homag’s software products, contact Adele Dixon on 01332 856424 or by e-mail

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