Everyone knows that there’s only one chance to make a great first impression. Homag’s packaging-assembly equipment delivers high-quality product packaging with optimum protection and stability, which ensures that, after storage and transport, packaged products make a great first impression upon delivery, says the machinery supplier.

Responsible and reliable customised packaging

Homag’s fully automated packaging technology delivers packaging to suit products of all shapes and sizes with consistent production quality. For environmentally responsible and cost-conscious product suppliers, the equipment also utilises fewer resources, and cuts packaging processing costs by -35%. 

On-demand packaging-production technology eliminates the storage costs of pre-made boxes. Packaging is trimmed to exact requirements – this helps reduce voids in boxes, which minimises packaging and filling materials, lowering costs significantly. This has the added benefit of decreasing shipping volumes, costs and CO2 emissions. 

Perfectly sized, JIT cardboard box-cutting machines

The Paqteq C-250 is a fully automatic cardboard box-cutting machine which produces made-to-measure customised packaging from batch size one. Models start from entry-level for standard use, up to high-performance machines for complex packaging requirements. Packaging designs can be customised to meet specific needs, or conveniently purchased directly from Homag’s PAQTEQ shop. 

Paqteq C-250

Flexible solutions for changing demands

The versatile Paqteq C-250 cardboard box-cutting machine adapts to suit varying needs and can be modified for expanding tasks. It is designed for use in standalone operations as well as for integration at the start of a complex packaging line. Series operation or batch size one, and single-sheet or continuous cardboard feed, can be accommodated.

Depending on the requirement, the machine can be supplemented with a folding machine, sealing machine, robot insertion station or robot palletising, to make a complete packaging line.

Paqteq S-200 – Homag’s automated box-closing and sealing machine 

Homag’s Paqteq S-200 is designed to securely close and seal cardboard boxes. The pre-cut closure tabs are automatically glued and securely sealed without the need for operators to intervene. It can work in standalone operation, as well as being integrated into a complex packaging production line.

With its automatic cardboard box measuring at the infeed, no data input is required, even when using different-sized boxes. Savings of up to -40% in cardboard consumption are achieved, due to the usage of side-closing packing designs.

In terms of box closures, additional cost savings of up to -85% can be gained. This is due to the machine’s hot-melt glue technology used to seal the boxes, compared to the costs of using traditional adhesive tape.

For a demonstration, or more information on Homag’s machinery or software, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.