Leeds-based boards and panels firm, Lawcris, embraces the current trend for plywood furniture with its impressive stock offering and rapid delivery service.

Plywood, as a material, exemplifies the great manufacturing advancements of the 20th century. Thin sheets of veneer – glued in layers with grains running in opposite directions – create a material that is both incredibly strong and incredibly lightweight, even when compared to solid wood. And the benefits of plywood don’t end there – an inherent flexibility makes plywood the ideal material for furniture manufacturing.

Although wood veneers have existed since ancient Egyptian times, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that designers started to exploit the versatility of plywood. Since then, this humble board has been used for everything from aircrafts to prosthetic limbs. 

The humble plywood – with its strength, flexibility and good value – is ideal for furniture manufacturing

As the modernist movement swept across the globe in the early 20th century, furniture manufacturers also embraced plywood for its mass production capabilities. Using press moulds, designers could create beautiful furniture in curved forms like never before. Now, with CAD and CNC technology, the possibilities are almost endless.

Once derided as an ugly construction material, plywood – like other raw boards such as OSB – has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, as the trend towards raw, natural materials has permeated the market.

Like its fancier cousin, veneer, plywood embraces the beauty of the woodgrain with its organic grains and florets. Wood stains can elevate the appearance of plywood, enhancing the natural beauty of the grain, but whether you prefer stained or natural, raw plywood has become a mainstay of the furniture industry. 

Signage showing impressive routing capabilities using birch plywood

This trend shift has led to a huge demand for different varieties of plywood within the industry, and Lawcris is determined to ensure its customers’ needs are met. 

At Lawcris, one of the UK’s leading panel distributors, raw boards are the company’s bread and butter. Offering a wide variety of plywood, including long and short grain, bendi ply, birch, hardwood and more, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, Lawcris has got plywood covered.

The company keeps a huge stockholding in its vast Leeds-based facility, giving it the ability to provide stock products on a rapid next-day delivery. If the unfinished look isn’t for you, Lawcris even offers plywood bonding – along with a huge range of other core boards – on a speedy lead time. 

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