SCM Group, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of woodworking and panel processing machinery, will take the opportunity to show its latest machinery innovations at the W14 exhibition, NEC, 5-8th October, taking a much larger space than it occupied at W12.

Covering an area of 624 sq m with four adjoining stands, new machines from the classical machine range, SCM’s Premium Division and Industrial, Housing and Furniture Divisions will all be running to demonstrate to visitors the latest developments that have recently taken place by the SCM Group within its manufacturing facilities in Italy.

Slim Line is an exclusive Stefani patent being exhibited. It is a new, simple and economic edgebanding technology, ensuring maximum finishing quality for processing of straight and soft-formed profiles. In traditional edgebanding, glue is applied to the panel.

With Slim Line, glue is distributed on the edge through a slot device. Therefore, the glue pot and consequently all the maintenance associated with it are eliminated. A thinner glue line ensures the very best quality of edgebanding.

Distributing glue on the edge is much more efficient than applying on the panel, as the panel porosity doesn’t allow a uniform distribution. The more uniform surface of the edge enables far less glue to be used compared with traditional edgebanding. This translates into an almost absent glue layer thickness, so obtaining an excellent quality of the finished panel and great savings in glue consumption.

SCM will be introducing the new Pratix S22 31B CNC machining centre for nesting operations and it is compact, safe and easy-to-use. Pratix S is the solution for those woodworking, panel and furniture companies machining with the nesting process, various types of materials including solid wood, panels, MFC, MDF and plastics, with the requirement of factory floor space optimisation and operators with their first experiences with the use of CNC machining centres.

The machining centre, Pratix S, has been conceived and designed in order to assure three main advantages – compact, as it is believed to be the most compact machine on the market, taking up to 50% less floor space than others; Secondly, safety, as the machining centre is equipped with ‘bumpers’ safety protections directly on the head, ameaning top safety levels, best accessibility to the worktable compared to any other protection type, and maximum productivity, with the possibility of alternated work processing, therefore eliminating or reducing loading and unloading times; Thirdly, very easy to use – Pratix S introduces a new and easier way to control the machine, the programming phase is separate from the execution one as programming is made through a PC and machining is controlled through a Tecpad control unit, standard supplied, with 7in LCD colour display and touch screen functions, similar to the console of a computer game, so it is easy to use without training.

A new SCM Ti 5 electronic spindle moulder with tilting electrospindle as standard, the exclusive choice for every joiners’ successful machining will be on display. Purchasing a L’invincibile machine means a customer installs a customised solution because it is a result of years of experience, technical research and Italian creativity. Table size is 1200 x 780mm.

With many advantages over competitors’ machines, the Ti 5 is fitted with a +/- 45° tilting electrospindle – CNC machining centre technology but now available for the joinery, carpentry or woodworking manufacturer.

Total machining precision is guaranteed and with the abscence of vibration due to the perfectly balanced structure of the electrospindle ensures a top quality finish on all components machined. The electrospindle’s direct drive eliminates maintenance procedures that are common with conventional belt-driven systems.

The Fast sectional worktable is the best support for the workpiece as it provides support for the work piece being machined and is also close to the tool, allowing the adjustment with mounted tools.

The Flex fence is immediately in the correct position. It has a single simple movement to retract and re-position in an instant and accurately position the fence on the worktable with such precision that no other control is necessary (SCM patent).

The Easy feature is the operating advantage for easy operator assistance, having integrated and fast control of all dedicated functions on the Ti 5. These features translate into immediate improvements in productivity and guarantees the capability and the full potential of the machine.

On display will be an SCM Sandya 300 RCS wide-belt sander, with 1100mm working width that is ideal for small- and medium-size woodworking, door and panel companies as it can offer solid wood and panel calibrating and veneered panel sanding operations, plus any other sanding requirements with a working thickness of 4-170mm.

With pneumatic selectors for the first infeed steel calibrating roller and the elastic sectional pad in the combination roller/ pad unit, plus electronic positioning of the worktable and with the Logic 50K electronic programmer for controlling the operation of the sanding pad, the Sandya 300 RCS is a very popular sander.

An Accord 20FX CNC machining centre for the production of windows, doors, stairs, solid wood parts and for all those processes that require high level machining, while maintaining high standards in terms of precision and finish quality, will be demonstrating the machining of four-piece pre-finished window components at W14 and the easy setting of the bars and pods on the worktable.