15 years ago the premium brand Format-4 was launched by the Felder Group, a traditional Tyrolean family-run company. Format-4 has changed woodworking as we know it … and has, by no means, finished yet.

Format-4 has been fulfilling the high demands of the professional woodworking industry since 2000. Continuous innovation combined with the guiding philosophy ‘everything from a single supplier’, underpin the success of the brand. This has enabled Format-4 to establish itself as one of the market leaders in the high end segment.

High quality, computer controlled, high-tech woodworking machines, with accuracy to a 1/100th of a millimetre, had for a long time only been a possibility for large, industrial companies. Format-4 made premium quality for smaller companies affordable, allowing them to remain competitive with professional productivity.

Success story
Format-4 has become an unbelievable success story over the past few years, with impressive detailed solutions and numerous innovations and patents.

Headquartered in Hall, in the Austrian Tyrol, Format-4 has developed computer-controlled machines with corresponding software, providing a complete top-of-the-range package.

Hansjörg Felder, managing director of Felder, states his plans for the future keeping in line with the core vision: “Our individual products, tailor-made machine configurations and competent advice, enable us to follow a path without compromises.
“Moreover, our solution-oriented customer service, consequential innovation and traditional values make sure that we always stay true to what we believe.”

The secret of success
“Our direct contact and close relationship with woodworkers, enables us to meet all requirements and we use this feedback in the development of new machine concepts. This is the secret to the success of the Format-4 brand,” reveals Hansjörg. 

At Format-4, the in-house research and development department continuously implement technical innovations. Modern production technology and strict production standards form the foundation for the best processing quality and excellent precision, enabling customers to optimise productivity.

Expertise through training
“Just like our machines, our competent Format-4 sales advisers are always ahead of the game. With passion, conviction and constant training, we make it possible to offer each customer the exact machine they require,” explains Hansjörg. 

“From panel saws, spindle moulders and edgebanders, to CNC processing centres with five axes control – customers from around the world have chosen to invest in Format-4. They have become ambassadors of perfect woodworking.”