Cue the music. You remember The Lonely Man theme from The Incredible Hulk? That music.

Brian is a grandfather, close to his family. As sales manager for Leitz Tooling he is passionate about his work and driven to bring smooth and efficient productivity and maximum profitability to as many companies as he can. He also likes to raise money for charity.

But this is Brian. This means that we’re not talking 24 hours in a comfy bath of baked beans. Oh no. Last year Brian was the driving force behind the Leitz team’s fantastic Three Peaks Challenge achievement, which raised over £5000 for Action Medical

Research and Haven House Children’s Hospice which offers amazing services and support for life-limited children, and now, he’s running the London Marathon. Did I mention he’s a granddad?

I’ll let Brian explain. “I admit, the marathon was on my bucket list...” Hold it right there. Who puts the London Marathon on their bucket list? Sorry, go ahead Brian. “... so I thought WHY NOT. Well, there are many reasons I am finding out WHY NOT. The training hurts … a lot. I am too old ...” I did mention he’s got grandchildren. “... I’m too fat, have a dodgy foot and now (after some painful physio) a dodgy back and even manky arm which may or may not have something to do with falling out of a loft and driving zillions of miles.”

Don’t worry Brian, self-driving cars are no longer a fantasy! “And you might be surprised to hear ... I am not really the athletic type.”

The point is, Brian – and two brilliant children’s charities – needs support. Every donation helps not just the charities, but his motivation too, and at 4am before a 12km training run he needs all the help he can get.
Since the beginning of December, Brian has run 8 x 8.5km, 9 x 10km, 2 x 12km and 2 x 20km, and he is still going. The race is just over 42 kilometres (26-and-a-bit miles), which is a very long way, even in a car.

Exhausted yet? Let me tell you – he isn’t. Is he committed? Yes. But not in the men-in-white-coats way he should be.
If we can raise enough money for his London Marathon, he might be happy that he has made a difference to the lives of the children who benefit from these charities and finally hang up his trainers to spend more time with his grandchildren.

There is a rumour that if you sponsor Brian and are in London to support the event (and Brian survives), the beers are on him. 

What’s that, Brian? You’re looking at signing up for the Kilimanjaro Challenge? Step away from the computer Brian, step away.

Please help us save Brian from himself, and help as many children as we can in the process.